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  1. chloebonnie

    Do you wear scrubs?

    I work in the operating room so we wear scrubs provided by facility!
  2. chloebonnie

    Can LPN's Be a Scrub Nurse???

    I believe you need at least an ADN
  3. chloebonnie

    New grad RN wants to be Scrub nurse?

    look into a new grad training program that teaches you to scrub and circulate! theres one at Harborview medical center in seattle
  4. chloebonnie

    Qualities of a good nurse circulator

    team player and critical thinker! and flexibility of course!!
  5. chloebonnie

    On-call in the OR

    Im sorry for your experience! hope they revamp the call policy
  6. chloebonnie

    What do you LOVE about being an OR nurse?

    love the teamwork in the OR and the focus on the one patient in front of you!
  7. chloebonnie

    OR nurse training program, should I take the job?

    Harborview Medical center in Seattle does a Periop 101 program for new grads once or twice every year
  8. this is a great post, thank you all for sharing your experiences
  9. chloebonnie

    Is OR nursing a good start for a new grad?

    if you know you want to work in the OR, I see no problem with entering the specialty after you graduate. I think many people still subscribe to the belief that it is very important to put in 2 years of experience in medsurg. but if you know what you want I see no reason why you shouldnt pursue it right away!
  10. chloebonnie

    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    I am an OR RN, and I have been trained to both scrub and circulate. Many nurses scrub in the facility where I work.
  11. chloebonnie

    Did you choose nursing because it was your "calling"?

    I have been a nurse for 2 years. I went through a great training program, but the newness has worn off and work is becoming the grind I always knew it would be. some days are more fulfilling than others, and I appreciate that my schedule (3 12's) allows for lots of time outside of work to find fulfillment in other areas.
  12. chloebonnie

    How Long is/was Your First Semester Hours?

    during my first semester we had 8 hours of clinical in a long term care facility/weekly
  13. chloebonnie

    Preparing for FNP School

    good for you, and keep us posted!
  14. chloebonnie

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    encouraging to hear that employers to hire online FNP grads!
  15. chloebonnie

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    can anyone share their experiences since starting their programs?