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Can I sit down the nursing boards in PA after graduating in 1997?

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I graduated in 1997. I sat for the boards for a couple of times and did not pass. Life happened amd then I had a family. I would like to pursue my nursing career. Is there a new law that prevents me from submitting an application to test? What requirements are there now to begin the process towards sitting for the boards and applying for licensure in PA? Ty.


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Things have changed tremendously since the 90s. You definitely would want to look at a remedial course before attempting the NCLEX.

The application process requires transcripts be sent as part of the application process to the BON in my state. 

Contact your BON, explain your status, be prepared to take a remedial course, and go from there.

I'm not sure if they would let you sit for the boards or not but I suggest going to your local community college and auditing some classes even if they do. As BSNbeDone said, nursing has changed so much and it's been over two decades. Even the NCLEX has changed. Some programs won't even take science classes greater than 10 years, I wouldn't even attempt to sit for the NCLEX after that long without extensive remedial training.


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