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Can I get my loans forgiven??

by rl589092 rl589092 (Member)

I'm wondering if there are any programs private or government that will help pay my federal unsibsidized stafford loans. I have a balance of about 9,600. Looking for information. I live in Pennsylvania. I'm a new nurse, graduated in June. Any help would be great. :loveya:


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There are programs available which forgive loans when you agree to work in particular areas of the country. Try a google seach.

Enfermera85, BSN, MSN, NP

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Sure! It's called "overtime." ;)

Lol.... well if ur working in my unit then you're just stuck with the loans b/c our census is so low overtime is unheard of right now... I hope things change soon :bugeyes:


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I thought there was a program in PA for nursing loans. Does your hospital pay back loans at all?

Magsulfate, BSN, RN

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Some hospitals will offer student loan repayment as part of their benefits package. They will pay your monthly bill for the student loan.

some hospitals will pay all or part of your nursing loans esp those in intercity hospitals and clinics

or where ever there is a nursing shortage

good luck

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