where can I find free access to nursing scholarly journals online?


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Are there any sites on-line where I can find free access to nursing journals? Or even pay a small fee to access them?

Thank you.

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Most hospitals and universities will offer employees/students access to databases with journals through their libraries. Have you tried that?

I second what blondy said.

Are you a student? I am currently in a BSN program. Access to our universities' database of peer-reviewed journals/scholarly articles is INCLUDED in our tuition. Example: At my university, we go to our universities website, then click the library link, and then click search databases. After logging in using our given user id and password, we can then search the databases of peer-reviewed journals. If you are a student, I would call the library and see if your school has a similar program. It has helped me in my nursing research class tremendously. I don't have to spent hours looking for full text, free, peer-reviewed journal articles anymore. The database also has advanced search options to use to narrow it down to a specific topic, time frame, length, etc.


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Here is a very good free nursing journal American Nurse Today. I just discovered it and added it to my favorite places. I used one of the articles in the current issue (which you can access for free online) for my last paper.

American Nurse Today

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Your school librarian has control over your school's contracted relationship with the big search databases, like CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature). Tool on over there and ask him/her for directions on how to access it through the school password.