Can you get "unpromoted" if coworkers complain enough?


Honest question

I recently got a significant promotion at work. But I havent been a nurse for a long time, and theres a decent chance I dont have as much experience as i should for the position.

Some of the people who have been on the unit/nurses for a very long time are livid about it and have constantly been complaining that its not fair.

Is it possible that I could lose my opportunity if theres enough outcry ?

Is there anything I can do to protect myself in this situation ?


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The co workers need to just know life is not always fair. As my hubby says....let them pound sand.

I'd just enjoy your promotion and ignore the negativity. You apparently earned it. Don't let others steal your joy.


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You were obviously chosen for the position because your supervisors saw your potential and thought you would be a good fit for the position, so congratulations! It would be shameful if your managers stripped you of the position because of unsubstantiated "outcry." That move would let the employees know they run the department and are responsible for decision-making, not administration.

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The same thing happened at my facility. A fairly young, fairly new nurse was chosen over much more experienced co-workers. There was such an outcry! One of those rejected left the facility. Many unproven rumors were started about the new boss.

Guess what? She turned out to be excellent in the new position. She handles everything (and there is a lot of "everything") with grace and talent. The rumors & gossip will die down. Just keep your dignity and hold your head high. Certainly do not ask anyone at work if you could possibly be "unpromoted." Be above all of that.

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I think you have gotten excellent advice and I'd also be extra gracious with your staff especially the ones who feel slighted. To me having the grace to attempt to smooth things over, even when you didn't start or deserve the uproar, speaks volumes about someone's integrity.

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I'd say it's definitely possible. My first hospital employer seemed to "promote and fire" on a fairly regular basis. They'd place people in jobs they weren't qualified for, then axe them when they didn't meet expectations.