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  1. arack05

    Reducing Colon infections?

    Anyone have any good resources/advice/ (or products /kits / bundles) that help reduce Colon surgery SSIs? My hospital has a pretty significant problem with them (were not just bad, but very bad) and I'm trying to take some initiative to improve the problem. Looking for anyway to simplify the process while improving outcomes. I figure somebody out there has to have a better way to do things. Thank you so much for the help!
  2. arack05

    Over time limit call coverage.

    Out of curiosity does this law count only actual time working, and not call? Ive had days where im working/on call combined for ridiculous amounts of time like 32 of 36 hours . But ill only end up working around 20~ or so of those hours
  3. arack05

    Pros and cons of nursing insurance

    Im not saying it isnt worth it. But the chances of a nurse getting sued are obscenely low Theres aproximately 4 million nurses in the usa. Around 600~ paid out malpractice payments last year. Which is around which is a 0.015 % chance or or 1 in 6666 chance Basically youd have to work for 67 years as an RN to have a 1% chance of getting successfully sued. Do I think its worth 100$ a year to have absofreakinglutely But you cant deny that a con about malpractice insurance is youre almost certain to never have to need it. I dont know the statistics on car-crashes, but im sure theyre massively higher
  4. Pretty much the same here I have never seen a surgeon use a coag of 8 on anything. And I dont imagine settings being different for locations because thats weird and wildly dangerous. I dont do much ENT so I googled this just because it doesnt sound right And the conclusion I came to is that either the surgeon isnt that bright (which is entirely possible) Or the most likely scenario. Is that you werent using a bovie/esu (or werent supposed to) and instead were using (or were supposed to) be using a Coblator. Since the Coblator is frequently used in ENT, has both coag + cut, and its settings are often in the single digits. Im willing to bet that this is almost certainly where the issues occured
  5. arack05

    How much betadine to prep with?

    Not that im in favor of one of the other. But to be fair... Chloraprep costs around 400% more than betadine I believe (yes the cost would probably get completely negated and them some by reducing infections) And chloraprep has a much better chance of landing you in a lawsuit (via an OR fire) There was actually a huge case at a major hospital in my area recently where there was an OR fire because of chloraprep. Needless to say support for Chloraprep (which wasnt high to begin with) wasnt looking good
  6. arack05

    Pros and cons of nursing insurance

    Sure there are. Its something you are paying for that you are incredibly unlikely to ever use. And it could make you ""slightly"" more likely to get named in a lawsuit I think the benefits drastically outweigh the costs, but still
  7. arack05

    Salary Ettiquette

    Does the salary make a difference in your decision making ? IE if they tell you 15$/hr will what you do be any different than if they told you 30?
  8. arack05

    Nurses found out what im making, dont know how ?

    Too bad nurses in the real world arent more like this site Either that or I just work in a pond full of piranhas
  9. arack05

    Nurses found out what im making, dont know how ?

    Getting flack of any kind isnt my concern. Its the higher ups getting flack, and how that could impact me which is a concern
  10. arack05

    Nurses found out what im making, dont know how ?

    Not the case here
  11. arack05

    Nurses found out what im making, dont know how ?

    Well a coworker I trust told me they heard them all gossiping about it, and were talking about the exact number (but they refused to tell me the exact number, because they dont wanna get dragged into the middle of this) Which is why im concerned now. If it was vague thats one thing, but specifics ? Seems a little funky to me. And I know absolutely nobody knows (at least from me) I have no idea. Im just concerned about losing my position and/or a chunk of my raise if people start making a stink. There were some who made a stink when I got the position to begin with, and I think money always makes people crazy which I why I get concerned even more. I just wanna do my job
  12. (I am a nurse) Not long ago I got a promotion at work, and I got flack for it from coworkers. Whatever over. Recently a coworker tells me they were all talking about how much im making now. Ive never discussed ANYTHING about my financials with anyone from work. If my situation turns ugly because of this (ie people pissed off over money) is there anything I can do about this ? Especially since I never discussed anything with anyone at all? Is this a legal issue since im not a public/union worker, and I dont see how/why people would have access to my financials ? Am I protected in someway against any kind of retribution against me ? Im not interested in making a big stink about anything. But if people start demanding I get demoted and/or a paycut because of whatever im gonna be extraordinarily upset. I dont know how/what to do about the situation
  13. This isnt new My nursing school had it and my job has it its basically a way to train people to hit the ground running and works fantastic A student would do all their clinicals on that same unit for two years, and frequently get hired there out of school. Drastically improving their transition as a new nurse once they graduate
  14. Im a nurse with a (relatively) normal 9-5 (I dont do direct patient care) Im considering have a normal regular old medsurge (nights) nurse of the opposite gender as a roommate. Is this a bad idea?
  15. arack05

    New Grad Looking for OR Job/Training Program

    Honestly its about the right place at the right time. My place didnt hire us because of anything other than the fact that they had mandatory retirement packages and the OR was losing a bunch of people. Since then the OR has lost a ton more people and has become desperate so they cant afford to hire new people, and instead are only hiring people with experience. Opportunities are definittely out there,
  16. arack05

    Can Operating Room nurse become a wound care nurse

    I dont see why not. The type of cases you're doing will determine how good you are dealing with wounds. If youre doing mostly cataracts I cant see that benefiting your goals of becoming a wound care nurse at all. But in my ORs we (somewhat) frequently have cases with wound-vacs. So if you really want to become a woundcare nurse id recommend getting involved thrown into as many wound-vac cases are you can. Im sure the surgeons would even let you get hands on with it, and your unit management/educator would be glad if you told them you want to become a woundvac expert