can a D in english comp keep me from taking the nclex?


Hi everyone,

I've successfully completed my nursing program and I'll be getting pinned next week. Although my heart should be filled with nothing but joy and excitement to take my boards and become a registered nurse, there is something that's weighing heavy on me.

Towards the end of the semester my advisor brought to my attention that I got a D in English comp 2 on my transcript. I had a tough professor that year and an even tougher semester overall. Anyhow, since I was able to gain acceptance into the nursing program without this ever being an issue, I thought I was in the clear. According to my advisor I'm not in the clear. she told me that in order to submit my transcript to take the NCLEX I need a C or above in that class. My reaction was why wasn't this brought to my attention sooner?? now I have to either take the class over or CLEP out (which my school doesn't offer) of it BEFORE I can take my boards. With research showing that the sooner one takes the NCLEX after graduation, the higher the probability of passing is, I really wanted to take my boards ASAP.

So my question to anyone with knowledge of this stuff is, can my having a D in English Comp 2 keep me fro taking the boards? Thank you in advance for any help.


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Completion of the program, i.e. graduation , is required. If the school won't forward your paperwork, they have you where they want you. And they will always say it is the individual's responsibility to keep on top of things.

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What state? Generally graduation indicating successful program completion. Technically D is passing. In almost all cases graduation from a BoN approved school of nursing plus successful application for a nursing license by examination and an acceptable criminal background check are the criteria for permission to take the NCLEX. If you have defaulted on student loans or child support your application will be denied per federal laws. If your school will not permit you to graduate or issue a diploma with a D in English then you can't apply for a nursing license by examination

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if that is the schools stand, it SHOULD have been brought to your attention at the time, and repaired at that time. this sounds line a money grab by the school

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You are responsible to know and adhere to the policy of your school and your program. Looks like you'll be going to summer school. Unfortunate but true. Just because your school doesn't offer CLEP- do they ACCEPT it? Or Straighterline?

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While this sounds like a last-minute money grab by the school to me, I suggest a couple of things: one is that you take a very close look at your student handbooks, both your nursing program handbook and the "greater" college handbook. See what they say about graduation requirements. It is very possible the college may have a policy that prevents graduation if a grade lower than "C" is achieved in certain core courses but also where the nursing program doesn't "care" about the D grade in your English course.

Your adviser is telling you one of two things and neither is very nice. One is that the college/university will not allow you to graduate because their policy requires a "C" grade in certain core courses. The other, which is less nice, is that your program will place a hold your transcripts that prevent its release if there are grades lower than "C" in certain (or any) courses. This would be the case if you are allowed to graduate and be awarded a degree but the transcripts will not be forwarded.

In the first case, you must "repair" the low grade so you may graduate and be awarded your degree. In the second case, you must "repair" the low grade to release the hold. In either case, you are going to have to retake the course. I suggest you seriously look at retracting / delaying your petition to graduate until after you have passed the course that you must retake because you'll still be a current, non-graduated student and not a post-degree student from which they can charge higher tuition fees to complete a course if they award a degree to you.


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Check your student handbook; this seems fishy. You would think that the D would keep you from nursing programs (which tend to be ridiculously competitive). Not sure why it is presenting itself as an issue now. I was always under the impression that passing nursing school meant you could sit for the exam, but maybe not?

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Wow this was 5 years ago😂! Thanks everyone who took time and replied. I did end up going to Summer school that year to redo a freaking English class but everything worked out at the end. I took My boards about 2 months later and passed on my first try. I've since completed my BSN at Chamberlain University and now getting ready to start a PMHNP program this fall. 

I remember I was in a not so good place when I first posted this question and thought everything was going to come crashing down after so much hard work. I'm happy to say that with dedication and perseverance, I was able to overcome this challenge.


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Sounds like you’ll probably have to retake it, but it’s also strange this didn't come up at any other point. It sounds like you have a case about their nursing school admissions dropping the ball and missing it earlier, but it might be unlikely they’ll give you a pass on it because of that.