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can you apply for two states?

Hi All,

Just a quick question...I live in NJ but want to work in NYC when I graduate. Does the NCLEX allow you to apply for two state licenses?

Or do I have to take it in New York?


If you got license in other state. You can transfer to any state.

You will make it easier on yourself if you get the license in the state where you plan to work. You can deal with any other state afterwards if you decide to change jobs and locations.

You can only register with Pearson-Vue for one state, they do not permit you to register with them to test for multiple states at the same time.

Get licensed in one state, and then just endorse to the other state. There is no limit as to the number of states that one holds a license in, it can be all 50 if you are willing to pay all of the fees.

Why woudl you want to pay for two exam fees?


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Although there is only one test to take, and you can only "register" for one state at test time, the licensing REQUIREMENTS for each state may differ. Make sure you check with NYS BON to be sure you have all of their requirements needed to be licensed in that state.

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