can anyone plz help me? Am I made for nursing?

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ok.. i m a second semester Student Nurse in RN program.. we r on med surg floor these days.. more responsibilities r ok but wen it comes to IVs..thats sumthing we never gave in first semester... they didnt let us practice during skills too... so hospital is pretty much the first place where we r "practicing for real"..we r documenting on computers now :typing...thats new too.. so i m "kinda" slow in these 2 areas..but this is my only 3rd week into new semester.. but i feel like all my classmates r way ahead of me "like all the time".. :bowingpur ... i m academically good and during 1st semester i ws GREAT at clinicals.... i dont knw..but nowadays i m nervous drawing up IV meds.. my teacher is always there.. and sumtimes her presence makes me even more tense.. :redlight:

i wanna knw from u guys about ur similar experiences- if any?

also, hav u encountered nurses at ur clinical site who think u know "NOTHING" since u r student...

i m sorry but i really felt bad after this happened to me today @ clinical, (my first two weeks were awesome.. ) but today i m feeling soooooo low... :scrying:

thanx u guys!! i m new to and i knw u guys ROCK wen it comes to helping each other out and boosting morales :nmbrn:

your program does not require you to take a 30 hour iv course before even touching iv related things??????? yikes!!!

woah, we don't get any extensive training with ivs at my school. 30 hrs seems a bit much! we get about 30 minutes in lab, and then we get hands-on training on a med-surge unit with real patients.

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I used to be so scared before clinical days that I couldn't sleep. I felt like my instructor only had her eyes on me! Just take it one day at a time!

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Practice on your friends, that will give you confidence :chair:

Hi, myviefolle07

Just wanted to let you know you're far from alone in feeling this way. I'm in first semester (and also new to the boards- hello all) and the same question crosses my mind a lot too. I agree: learning new skills gets frustrating and sometimes you just don't get them as quickly as you'd like(me and occupied bed-making are still struggling) but I find it helps to remind yourself of your reason for going into the field and ask " Do I hate (bad skill) or am I just unskilled at (bad skill)? And I am I going to let (bad skill) get between me and my degree?" It makes your weaknesses seem like obstacles to overcome (which is what they are) rather than eternal failings (what they seem like). It sounds likes you had a bad day, but that you really enjoy it otherwise?

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