calling in sick to work inorder to go to a mandatory lclinical lab demonstration.

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I'm ALL STRESSED OUT OVER A CLASH BETWEEN WORK AND MY RN PROGRAM. My classes are in the eves and weekends. For the most part this works out great. Unfortunately ,at the beginning of each semester there are quite a few days that require us to attend Practice sessions in the clinical practice lab .(DURING MY NORMAL WORK HOURS)

I had my first class of the semester tonight and my class was informed that we need to attend a mandatory lab Demonstration on Inserting cathaters, Sterile bandages ,and injections. we get tested at the beginning of each semester in order to be able to go to our assigned clinical/hospital sight. The demonstration is from 3:30 to 8:30 pm. I work 9-5 , so I have to call in sick from work .My company is not flexible when it comes to re arranging hours.

My office manager doesn't like it when people ask to leave early (even if I Offer to work through lunch)and often says no to others that have asked, otherwise i would just do that. I am afraid that she will say no,that she needs me there and I don't want to chance having to miss the demo.

I have made a strong commitment to school and basically will do what ever i have to to finish. Even if it means possibly losing my current job. (HEY! THERE'S ALWAYS UNEMPLOYMENT IF THEY FIRE ME RIGHT?;) Realistically I know that My Nursing school is my future(not the job I have right now, but I still feel guilty and stressed by having to make these desicions.. Does anyone else ever have this problem????



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No. My job is great about working around my school schedule, but its partly because I work in a hospital that desperately needs more nurses.

I would have a discussion with your boss about it before I'd continue to call out sick. Its going to turn into a major attendance problem for you and that will reflect poorly on your job performance, evaluation, merit pay raises (if you have that at your job), etc.

What kind of work do you do?

Is there anyway you can come in earlier, and work 7-3 or something like that, so you could be at school by 3:30? Or can you have those days off if you agree to work the weekend? Or can you temporarily reduce your hours until these first few weeks are over?

I'm sure there's a solution somewhere that doesn't involve you calling out. At my job, if I were to call out that often, it would put a tremendous hardship on my coworkers (not to mention I'd probably be terminated... they have a pretty strict attendance policy).


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Sorry to say this but I think you should have resolved this issue berfore starting school. If the employer is adamant, then you should have found a new job that accommodates your school schedule. Know someone in same boat; she now doesn't have a job and cannot pay her rent.


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If the skills demonstration is mandatory, that means that if you don't attend, you will receive an Incomplete for not attending clinical. Plus, your instructors will know that you are not wholly dedicated to nursing. No matter what, make school your priority. You are right about unemployment. As caliotter3 says, you need to find another job that is more flexible.


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Like CathyW states, the instructors will form a negative opinion of you if you show poor attendance. In my school it did not pay to get oneself noticed like this. The school administration was openly not empathetic toward people with jobs or people who commuted from far away. After you get a negative reputation, it becomes harder for a lot of issues and you get set up to be a target for elimination. Please resolve your conflict early on before it negatively affects your entire school career.


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Hi Cawn,

I'm not sure what type of work you do but I really feel for you and your determination to get through school. I too understand that getting your degree in nursing is your future, not this pety office job.

Do you get vacation and sick time? If so, use them. That is what it is for. It is no one's business what you do with them, so don't feel guilty.

If you don't want to take off the whole day just tell your manager that you have an appointment that afternoon and will be leaving early. Due to the nature of the appointment there is no way that you will be able to stay if needed. You are giving your manager the benefit of knowing in advance that you will not be there that afternoon and to asign your duties accordingly. If she asks you why you cannot stay at work tell her you have personal business to attend to that that there really is no way for you to stay.

Like I said, Vacation and Sick time are there to be used by employees for such occurences. Employees have lives outside of work and that is why companies give them Vacation and Sick Time.

It seems like you have made up your mind and that school is where you want and need to be and are willing to accept the consequences.

I say stick with this job and if possible when you get a few semesters under your belt try to test for a CNA or LPN license and or get a job through a hospital or some place out that is more flexible with schedules.

Good luck!



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I have encountered the same problem more or less. My job is not flexible at all. I am also in a weekend/evening program...these programs are designed (supposedly) to accomodate working students.

Sorry to say this but I think you should have resolved this issue berfore starting school. If the employer is adamant, then you should have found a new job that accommodates your school schedule. Know someone in same boat; she now doesn't have a job and cannot pay her rent.

It would seem to me that she did resolve this issue before starting school. That's why she enrolled in the evening weekend option. That's a mute point though. At this point, I would seriously look into becoming a nursing assistant or other hospital related position. School should be your focus. Good luck to you.



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Do you have vacation time? I went to schol nights & weekends too and worked full time. I spoke with my employer and they approved the use of individual vacation days. I took @ 4 days per semester. May be worth a try if you have vaction time.

Good luck to you in school.

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It would of been nice if the school sent home a notice ahead of time or it was listed in the class schedule.

Anyway if you have sick time to use then use it. My job works around my schedule. Maybe you can work as a nurse extern or aid. Just use your sick time. I always take off the first few days of the semester because after the first semester of school I realized the schedule is all weird in the begining. Sometimes the instructors forget we pay to go to school the school does not pay us. Payment for school has to be earned from working.

If you do not have sick time then it is just the begining of the many sacrifices that come with nursing school.

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