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calling all ohio nurses!!!

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I need information on nursing in Ohio im in school now for STNA and im scared to death to ask the instructor about background checks

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Okay. Care to be more vague?

Well im 26 and im from Alabama and moved to Ohio. And always wanted to be a nurse but I have a background in Alabama but not here in Ohio but my background in Alabama is classified as a Y.O youthful offender and a misaminder disorderly conduct and I want to know would it stop me from going to clinicals because my background is not sqeeky clean.... I have no background in Ohio....

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Your background follows you no matter which state you go to. I can't really say for sure as I haven't researched the issue much, but from what I've heard for most nursing programs any sort mark on a background check is an automatic disqualifier. It's not an Ohio Board of Nursing issue as there are only a handful of issues that would bar you from becoming licensed. It's a clinical agency issue, as for the most part nursing schools base their background checks on what clinical agencies require, and the agencies don't want folks with any sort of mark on his or her background check no matter how innoculous. Clinical agencies being the hospitals or other nursing facilities schools have their clinicals at.

Oh my god I may never become a nurse this is my dream job I don't want to do now knowing this information I feel like this is the end of my world what will do I want to cry!!! :'(


I am not disregarding the post above, but if I was you, I would also check with whatever school I want to go to and the OHIO state board of nursing for definite answer, especially on something that decides my career and what I would do for the rest of my life.

Wish you best of luck:)

About OhioI grew up there, went into the military, serving in Panama and Desert Storm. Went back to Cleveland, took a few difft jobs that required intense security check. I passed. I am telling you this because I to had a couple run ins with the law when I was under 21. Moxt states seal juvenile records. So I would suggest you call an attorney in ur other state to verify that states policies are like this, if it is not you can

Oooops, sent to fast. Basicallyyou will have no problem!

I highly doubt you will have a problem. Check the Ohio Nursing Board web page, they should have a section on criminal backgrounds. Most states only have issues with felonies.

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Do you know for sure this is on your file? Because I was under the impression that Y.O. would not have a record like an adult, if it is a misdemeanor. But I would do a check myself if you have not already. Being a Y.O. with a record is different than an adult(that why you can't sell alcohol to a minor) . So don't give up hope. Have you checked to see if this is recorded and if so, can you talk with an attorney to get this expunged? If so when they ask have you been convicted of a crime you have to answer honestly, no matter what state it happened in. I pray that everything will be ok for you.:)

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As I stated it's not an issue with the Ohio Board of Nursing. Their fact sheet even states so. It's an issue with the school and the clinical agencies requirements.

"Similarly, the Board cannot answer questions regarding one’s eligibility to attend nursing school or participate in clinical instruction. Nursing programs vary in regard to enrollment criteria, so it is recommended that you contact the nursing program to determine whether you are eligible to enroll."

Being a Y.O. is likely different that being an adult offender. Your best bet would be to contact any program you are interested in attending and honestly explain your situation. The worst they are going to say is no you won't be admitted.

I have 3 disorderly conducts from 2005 and 2007. I was able to do clinicals and the board approved my applicaton in ohio. I think you will be alright

Hi cmitchell28,

Can you tell me if your disorderly conducts were the original charge, or was this from a plea for a more serious charge?

I have a similar situation, and I would really like to know if your success story could apply to my situation.

Thank you!