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Calling all Dec 2014 grads


Almost done with semester 2/5. Whew! It's been a tough semester, but I'm high A/Bs in all my courses. We learned IVs and blood draws, among a ton of other things in med surge this semester. Next is psych and mother/baby/Nicu. So excited! Anyone else?


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I graduate in summer of 2014, and we are finishing our first semester. But we have summer classes. Enjoy your break!

CNorman, I kind of wish we had summer classes! The break will be nice but I'm anxious to be done. Are you in a BSN or ADN program?

Aubgirl, are you graduating dec too? It seems close sometimes- especially when pre nursing students are aiming to start then! But another year and a half seems like forever too...lol

Med surge test in the AM. Guess I'd better head to bed. Soo not motivated this week. Only one month left till break!

Count me in , our last classes are in December 2014, we pin in January 2015 right after the holidays.

I'm not a Dec 2014 but ....

I'm a May 2014 graduate... In the middle of ending the hardest term... Pharm + MS II has been a nightmare.

Summer will be MS III (ICU & ER) I'm sooooooo excited.

Fall will be OBS/PEDI

Spring will be Psych/Management.

May.... GRAD!!!!

I am in my first semester and will be graduating in Dec, 2014. Can't wait for a break, but have Psych in summer. Dec seemed so far off when I started this semester but the time as flown by.

I graduate October 2014-just finished a week break and now I am taking Pharm and Fundamentals II-

Good luck to all !

I grad Dec 2014 at baptist college of health science in Memphis just finished my fundamental and health assessment in summer I start med-surg 1 and pharm!

Welcome everyone! It's nice to see others in the same boat. I had pharm 1 first semester and have the second and last pharm now. It's a tough class but I feel like I've learned a ton!