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Hello! Has any one applied to USF or is considering this school for Spring 2010 or Fall 2010? I am going to apply in October, so I am very anxious for October to arrive! :D :dance:... Read More

  1. by   etamuro
    Does anybody know how many people applied to the BSN program and how many people were accepted for spring 2010 or fall 2009 (probably an impossible question to answer)? Or how many students they accept every semester?
  2. by   Cee_Lee_78
    One of the directors of admissions stated that they will receive over a thousand of applications during the last two weeks of application deadline. Keep in mind, not everyone is qualified to apply, yet he/she sends the app any how.

    From what I remember from meeting, about 80-100 are accepted? I think less for Spring. I could be wrong.
  3. by   citygirl8876
    Cee Lee,

    Have you heard from USF for Fall 2010. I applied for the BSN program for the fall and haven't heard anything yet:/
  4. by   Cee_Lee_78
    No. Still waiting. Letters are to be mailed beginning of April. I am trying not to be anxious, but I can't help it.
  5. by   Cee_Lee_78
    OK I have not received an acceptance letter; but my grandma deleted a voice message from USF, so I am wondering if I missed an important call. shucks.

    And last night I received an email that was inviting me to join a USF online chat for admitted students. Admitted students....? hmmmmm

    I also have access to USFconnect and have my own USF email address. USF connect has a tab showing this:

    Curriculum Information
    Primary Curriculum

    Program: BSN-Nursing
    Catalog Term: Fall 2010
    Level: Undergraduate
    College: School of Nursing
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    First Major: Nursing

    Now I am really anxious and going crazy--I want to state this means I AM IN!!! But I want a confirmation via email or postal mail.

    biting my nails over here...
  6. by   etamuro
    I also got an email asking me to join an admitted online chat for march 24 and some log-in I.D. and password. However, I haven't gotten an actual letter yet from the school saying that I have been accepted. Cee Lee 78, how did you log into USF connect, did you just use the user name and password from the admitted students chat that they sent you?
  7. by   Cee_Lee_78
    yes I used the log in that was used to address the letter..the password I used, however, was the pw I would use to check my application status. Try the password with the email, see if it works.

    When did you get the email?

    (I am so anxious now)
  8. by   etamuro
    I got the email at like 9 p.m. pacific time. And I am really anxious too, they shouldn't send an email out like this until you get a letter.
  9. by   Cee_Lee_78
    Yes, I got the same email. Do you think you missed the call? I think I did. You are right, they shouldn't--it drives us crazy. hehe
  10. by   etamuro
    I don't think I received a call from them, when did you get the call?
  11. by   Cee_Lee_78
    A few weeks ago. My grandma said the university left a message, but she accidentally deleted it. I didn't even realize that I placed her house number on my application, that was my fault.

    I called the university back and they stated letters are going out within the next two weeks. So I didn't get an answer as to whether someone did call.

    (again, I am going crazy)
  12. by   etamuro
    Yeah I called them too, saying that I received and email for an invitation for an admitted students chat. I asked if this meant that I have been accepted and the guy said he doesn't know and that I have to wait for a letter. I wish the letter would just magically show up right now!
  13. by   Cee_Lee_78
    He said the same thing to me too. I am with you! Letter fall from the sky (or at least be in the mail today).