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Hello! Has any one applied to USF or is considering this school for Spring 2010 or Fall 2010? I am going to apply in October, so I am very anxious for October to arrive! :D :dance:... Read More

  1. by   dpeterson
    Is anyone going to USF for the Spring undergrad nursing program? I was admitted for Spring and was hoping to get to know some people that are also going.
  2. by   bluechick112
    I actually haven't heard back from them yet, but since I already got accepted to Samuel Merritt (my #1 choice) like over a month ago I'm definitely going there whether I get in to USF or not!

    Congratulations on your acceptance!

    PS did you get your acceptance through e-mail or in the mail?
  3. by   dpeterson
    I received notification by mail, quite a while back actually. I applied in Oct. Good luck with Sam. Merritt. A friend of mine will be attending SMU in Sacramento in the Spring. I'm excited but really nervous. I have no idea how I'm going to pay for this... But I applied to 4 community colleges with lottery systems and did not get accepted to any of them. God knows how long it would take to get into a community program : 0.
  4. by   dpeterson
    Earthly Soul:Hey there. I was accepted to USF for spring 2010. Did you find out if you are going there? I am trying to find some people who are going to be going there as well.
  5. by   dpeterson
    mfrancisco, did you here anything either? Anyone who is going to the Spring BSN program let me know. I'd love to chat...
  6. by   bluechick112
    Really? Because on their website it specifically states that they won't be sending out acceptance/rejection letters until December. When I called and spoke with the admissions lady she said the exact same thing. You should give them a call incase it was sent out in error.
  7. by   dpeterson
    Hmm That's strange. I have been communicating with them actually for financial aid and such. Maybe that was for fall admission? I'll be starting clinicals in Spring. That is really strange. I did apply "early action" I think is what it's called so maybe that makes a difference???
  8. by   earthlysoul
    dpeterson- hello! i haven't heard from them yet. i'm anxious and nervous for the results. i applied for the nov. 1st deadline as a transfer student. i was told by admission counselors and directors that they will notify the entire applicant pool by mid-december. so i'm really surprised you already got your letter. well....congrats on your acceptance and i wish you the best of luck!
  9. by   dpeterson
    Thanks! Can't wait to hear who else will be attending. I'm moving from Sacramento, so it would be nice to get to know some other people starting in the Spring. Goodluck! One thing that is strange is, on my paperwork it says I must send the deposit by Dec. 15th. How could you do that if they don't notify you by then?? That seems so close, being that the semester starts on Jan. 25th.
  10. by   mfrancisco
    Hey everyone,

    I am on the waitlist for the Master's Entry CNL program, so that may be what they are referring to on the website. Those of us on the waitlist won't find out until next week. Congrats to those of you who got in and good luck to the rest of us!!
  11. by   dpeterson
    I applied and was accepted to Spring 2010 Undergrad. BSN program.
  12. by   mfrancisco
    Congratulations! Good luck to you!
  13. by   earthlysoul
    dpeterson- yeah not sure about all that but i'm sure i'll be getting something in the mail soon. just patiently waiting 'til it arrives. Btw, if you don't mind me asking, what was your cum gpa? as well as your sciences? my cum. wasn't too high but my sciences were on point.