Unpaid New Grad training program...

  1. Hey everyone, so I'm being offered a job through Sutter Health affiliate hospital and I've been told that they've changed the New Grad programs to being 3 months of unpaid training. I will be treated as an employee while I work, but just not get paid. I won't be contracted with the hospital at this time, and if I decided I wanted to leave, I can. But if I stay throught the whole training, I will be offered a full time position. I was told that this was the way Sutter decided to do things to save themselves money from training New Grads and then them leaving after they get their year experience.

    I am grateful for having this job offer, just somewhat shocked at the no pay thing. Has any of you heard of this before? And what are your thoughts?
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  3. by   jotond
    When I did my new grad training in TX in 1996 I was paid a reduced salary until I completed my training (8$/ hour!!) and then we started as an RN I. But to not get paid at all?! That seems crazy, as tempting as it might be to get the experience and just start working already... I think it's exploitative of your time. It's not like there are so many jobs for experienced nurses (I've been looking, and there really aren't) that you are going to get up and leave after 3 months of training? After you've done everything to get this job in the first place? I think they are just looking for every way possible to cut costs, and if this is indicative of how they feel about their nurses' time then I think you should look elsewhere. I mean you WILL be providing care, not just sitting in a classroom! I think it's a dangerous precedent. If other hospitals see Sutter recruiting successfully in this way, then maybe all hospitals will try to move toward unpaid new grad RNs. Can I ask which hospital this is? I can't imagine that CNA would be ok with this. Good luck to you - your job is out there!!
  4. by   yesdog
    The way the job market is right now, I would take it! It's only three months, and then you will have a job! WooHoo!
  5. by   WittleOnesRN
    Sadly, I would go for it too and then leave in 2 years...LOL. BUT I would think they have a SERIOUS retention problem if they ae doing this and I am wondering if nurses are happy.
  6. by   Breezy Girl
    It's funny because I posted this same topic in the Graduate Forum, and everyone there told me NOT to take it, while everyone here says to take it. Lol.

    I'm meeting with the two nursing managers I'd be working for tomorrow, so I'll be able to have some questions answered about this "new" (so new I'm the first one they're doing this with) training program.

    I don't think it's so much a retention problem as it is cutting costs. If they're so afraid of losing money on training people and then having them leave, why don't they just make it in their contract that we would have to stay X amount of years with them to recoup the costs of training? Or like niccoleB says, pay minimum wage or SOMETHING!! It's gonna make missing out on weekends with my family much harder knowing I'm not being compensated in some way!

    But I guess, yes, at least I'll have a job, and most importantly in the specialized area that I wanted!
  7. by   yesdog
    I think 3 months in this economy is a small price to pay. I wish you great success. Three months will be over with before you know it!
  8. by   Ginger's Mom
    Will they put in writing that you will have a full time position. What about liability ? What if you hurt you back or get exposed to HIV what protection will you have? What about malpractice?

    How many hours will be in class and how many hours of clinical?

    To they have a curriculum ? Some how this does seem right. Do they expect accounts or doctors to work for free?
  9. by   starzburst
    Here's a link to the other thread: https://allnurses.com/graduate-nurse...ew-400715.html

    It is ultimately your decision, but please speak to the nursing managers because no wage is illegal and you deserve to get paid! Although, it would be a good opportunity to get some "volunteer" hours while you look for a better job. :P
  10. by   nkara
    I would also say to take it. Good experience and a guaranteed job in three months.. as apposed to still looking and maybe in three months still not having a job? If you can afford to do it I would say go for it.
  11. by   fiveofpeep
    sutter would totally do that. how rude
    they're taking advantage of desperate new grads hmph
  12. by   chijon512
    That sounds sad and exploitive. I wouldn't like to work for free nor would I like to work for a company capable of carrying out such a program. But I do understand new grad jobs are hard to come by these days so I would only take it as a last resort. I would also be looking for other positions on my days off. On the bright side, you will have 3 months more experience than you might otherwise get, which you could parlay into your favor, preferably with another hospital.
  13. by   WittleOnesRN
    It would be hard for me to commit to such a company in the long run. It is not the best way to start a relationship. Maybe ask if they can give you a bonus for sticking it out....it will be well deserved.
  14. by   bbyjaden
    that's really bad... what about any nursing homes??? you will get the experience and apply later on... i heard nursing homes give decent pay for nurses... i don't know if i would be able to work without pay... also you need to consider any liabilities that come with it... goodluck!