UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

  1. UCLAs application for their Summer 2017 New Graduate Residency program opened this weekend so figured I'd start the forum where we could all converse, update and support each other through the LONG and stressful process.


    Tell us about UCLA by visiting University of California (UCLA) School of Nursing | Peer Reviews.
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  3. by   lexi94
    Hey all, I applied to PICU and Peds for both locations. Fingers crossed!!
  4. by   Irving73
    Hello everyone,

    just applied yesterday, good luck everyone.
  5. by   HaleyRae, BSN
    Hi all,

    I just applied today for ER and MICU. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. by   CaseStudy

    I was waiting for someone to start a forum. I am waiting for the perioperative program to open. I am relocating to LA soon. I was reading old forums.Geesh, it's a nightmare waiting for the offer. Well, let's do this!!! POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES.
  7. by   New2CAnurse
    Thanks for starting this thread! I applied to the Oncology and Step-Down/Med-surg programs. This is my first time applying to this hospital but my 20-something application in CA post graduation. This is off-topic but since we won't hear anything quite yet from UCLA I was wondering if I could reach out to locals from SoCal for some insight in the meantime (then once/if I hear anything from UCLA I'll be sure to update it here!). I am from the Univ. of AZ (graduated in Dec.) and moved to CA with my husband (for a job he got in San Diego). I have an AZ RN license and applied in February for the CA one by endorsement (I know it takes like 3-4 months or more to finally get the license so I'm not exactly super employable yet). But, can any SoCal locals give me a realistic idea of how hard it is to get hired here (especially if I obviously didn't do any clinical rotations in San Diego or LA)? The only kind of unique thing I have going for me is that I am bilingual. San Diego seems as if it's twice as competitive as the LA area (maybe because LA has way more hospital networks to apply to). I have heard that many San Diego hospitals fill all their positions with internal hires, but have to legally post the positions externally even though they have little intention of hiring externally. Does anyone know if this is true? One girl from my program got hired at UCLA the last round, so I know UCLA is an exception...although I'm sure it still helps to be from the area. Thanks for any insight!
  8. by   krazy2xtreme
    I applied to PICU and Peds as I just completed my senior practicum at a PICU.
  9. by   herna372
    I applied for MICU and step down/medsurg units. I'm from Minnesota and I'm currently employed on a cardiac stepdown/tele floor. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   Bowser
    I graduate in May and I just applied for 8ICU and CCU. I am an internal candidate, as I am a care partner in the float pool. Unfortunately, or I guess fortunately for you guys, being an Internal candidate doesn't seem to mean much at UCLA. I have heard that they are hiring a bigger group than normal this year...upwards of 150 I was told. FYI I was told by management at Ronald Reagan that their ER is not hiring new grads this time around despite it being an option on the application. Not sure about Santa Monica. Good luck everybody.
  11. by   jakemckyndel
    False, they are hiring in both EDs dude. You should have gone to the workshop they did Friday before the application opened. And to a previous comment, yes they hire out of state, they actually have a good balance of candidates.
  12. by   Bowser
    I went to the workshop. We were given false information regarding the ED at Ronald Reagan. This is direct from ED management. Sounds like you work there too...go ask them yourself.
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  13. by   sweettarts123
    Hi guys! i just applied for Neuro ICU and CTICU. Hope to talk to you guys through this process!
  14. by   jakemckyndel
    Quote from Bowser
    I went to the workshop. We were given false information regarding the ED at Ronald Reagan. This is direct from ED management. Sounds like you work there too...go ask them yourself.
    Touche dude. I'm not interested in the ED and didn't ask, my fault. I just know things change often, thanks for updating.