Sonora Regional Medical Center - New Grad

  1. I can't seem to find a thread for the Sonora New Grad positions. I believe they're still taking in applications (til Dec 7th), but they said they'd be calling applicants starting next week.

    So post your updates here if you hear anything from them
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  3. by   oh.hello
    As a hospital under Adventist Health... I am little worried because I am not Christian. Do you know if the pre-employment questions in the beginning determine your eligibility/are weighted heavily? (Example - the questions asking about prayer...) I personally do not mind prayer but I am wondering if they are looking for a specific type of person?
  4. by   wreckitralph
    well they do say something like they want someone who will continue their values.
  5. by   oh.hello
    has anyone heard from them? news comes out this week supposedly! *crosses fingers*
  6. by   bbaileyRN
    No news here. Still waiting...
  7. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Anyone heard back yet?
  8. by   SimplisticRnx
    Still waiting too. I thought they would be contacting people already.
  9. by   oh.hello
    No contact yet, did any one get a call? I hope this doesn't mean we didn't get picked :/
  10. by   bbaileyRN
    Got my rejection email :/
  11. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Yep just got rejected as well. I don't know what they want any more.
  12. by   yoganurs
    Me rejected. I guess I don't love Jesus Christ enough for them :-/