New LVN needs a job in Southern CA

  1. hello everyone! havent posted since i was in school and im glad to say that i passed my boards in april! yay! but now im realizing that finding a job in an actual hospital as a new VN is like finding a golden needle in a haystack! im feeling pretty hopless right now so i figured i would ask you all and see if anyone works at or knows of a hospital that hires new LVNs in the riverside, elsinore, corona areas. any help with this would be great because i REALLY dont want to be a waitress

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   NickiLaughs
    Loma linda will hire LVNs, but I believe with the economy they're not really hiring anyone even though they have jobs available posted.
    Community hospital san bernardino will only hire peds sub acute if you have a year experience already.
    If you don't already have your IV certification, definitely go get it.

    Unfortunately , only a few hospitals will hire LVNs and they usually want them to already have experience. I'd just keep applying, and look into other jobs as well, urgent cares, nursing homes, etc. Get your experience then definitely try to get in.

    Good luck!
  4. by   germany09
    You may do contract work for a company called Sterling Medical. I know this is off the subject,
    but what size envelope did your nclex passing notification come in. I receive large envelope
    today and I am sure I failed. It was my second time. Trying to get nerve to open large letter.
  5. by   RJMendoza
    hello, just found your posting as I was looking for lvn job listings. I thought it was just me having so much trouble (I am also a new LVN). I'm not too sure how to get experience in a hospital if you have to have experience to get into a hospital :/ (just . I'm sorry i cant be of much help, but if i find anything i will be sure to post it. Good luck
  6. by   californiamalelpn
    i am an lvn too in southern california, in san bernadino and canot find a job either. this is unbelievable considering all the work that went into becoming a nurse. i feel bad anytime i go looking for a job and see all this lvn students doing their clinicals there, i feeling is that they have no idea how hard they will have to struggle to get a job after all that hard work is over. anyway, i am also interested at this point in correctional nursing and if any of you guys know where i can get some ahency that will help me get one. i am desperate and my student loan is about to kick in soon, ah!. i think we should all start a jop hunt thread on this site so we all the lvns can keep up with each other, just look for the thread am about to start and let all contribute to it and keep each other informed, good luck guys.
  7. by   caligirl89
    I dont think any hospitals hire new grads. I live in riverside county and got my license in May. Almost 6 months of job hunting and no luck. Its getting really frustrating and Im starting to give up hope. My loans payment kicked in 2 months ago and money is running low. I dont know if I can make it to the end of the year without a job. I dont understand why everyone, even nursing homes, want at least 6 months experience. How do you get experience then!!! Im starting to think this was a waste of time and money. I chose nursing cause it was a safe career where you could go anywhere and get a job, or so I thought
  8. by   SamanthaHope85
    You have echoed my thoughts and my experiences in trying to find a job. I got my license in May and, like you, I have had no luck at all finding a job for the past 6 months. It is one of the most discouraging feelings in the whole world... Knowing that so much work went into getting this license (work that means nothing to employers) and nothing to show for it.... I kinda sorta wish I had just gone to RN school initially because they can actually get a job right out of school.... UGH! its so frustrating... well ill let you guys know if I find anyone thats hiring.... ttyl!
  9. by   Ethan'sLVNAuntie
    WOW! Your story mirrors mine except that I had a LVN job in a nursing home for 3 months. I worked the night shift and had 40 to 50 patients, although it was miserable I was going to hang in there and get enough experience for a hospital or home healthcare. However after a co worker with a big heart warned me that I was going to be fired I gave my resignation. Now I cannot get unemployment and I SO do not want to go back to waitressing which I have done over a decade. Plus I cant afford to begin RN school until I start working. I too live in the inland empire and have applied to many hospitals and home health agencies but they all want at least 1 year experience IF they even have an opening. I recommend you do as I am and apply to nicer looking nursing homes( you can also read online reviews to make sure they give excellent care) because they are your best chance to get experience but ask how many patients you will have and how much training. I recieved very little training which caused me great stress, and could not finish my med pass on time to that volume of patients esp as a new grad. Kaiser only requires 6 months, so just find a place where you can learn. Working with the elderly is honestly not my favorite but some are very sweet and really appreciate the kindness and care an LVN can give. Goodluck and keep us posted.
  10. by   mgemel
    I graduated in Feb 2009 Started working as a Wellness Director in May 2009 My Job promissed to promote me to LVN when I recieved my lisence. Wll in August I past my test and by the end of Aug. Had my lic card. Gave a copy to my boss and asked for my raise and change of duties. On Sept 15 I was "layed off due to LVN downsizing" of course I was the only LVN there. I got denied for unemployment because I didn't work last year (you know when I was in school) and thats what they counted. Well the story gets tougher. Student loans (the whole 19,000) kicked in in Aug. In July I bought a house. Now I am jobless cant find one to save my life. (I put in every app online all the way to san diego which is a three hour drive for me there and three hours back.) and in my region 25 miles every way from home. And still I had one interveiw the woman said she really like me in the first interview called me back for a second interview only to say owww wait your a new grad. Oh No we cant take that kind of risk. I mean I am broken hearted. I have two weeks or I am going to have to turn to Welfare. I have never been on Welfare and I doubt it will even pay half of my house payment. I don't know what me and my daughter are going to do. Both of my parents are dead so I can't ask them for help and I have no one else. Sorry just really frusterated. I did this for me and my baby and here I am still cant get a job and about to go apply at Mcdonalds (prob with better luck). and I have been in healthcare since 2000 and have experience as a Med Tech, MA, CNA, Wellness Director, Supervisor and Head of Department (But the catch is.... NOT AS AN LVN!)!! Please help I am getting desperate! If anyone knows of ANY job they can hook me up with for now ill mow lawns if I keeps a roof over my childs head please tell me.
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  11. by   caliotter3
    Don't know where in SoCal you live, but if in the greater LA area, there is a home health company that hires new grads. Try American Private Duty in Studio City. They don't pay well but at least you would be working. Good luck.
  12. by   mgemel
    I live in Hesperia Ca about an hour and a half from there but hey I just need a job ill try thanks.
  13. by   stasis_DC5
    this is exactly the reason why i gave up on graphic design/animation and got into nursing but now i'm also having the same problem finding a job. just like graphic design/animation, there isn't a single place that will hire an lvn without experience. -_-

    i may just have to pay my dues and work at a nursing home. then after a year i can actually apply at hospitals that require a minimum of 1 year experience.
  14. by   mgemel
    I have tried Nursing Homes with no luck either.