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  1. I totaly agree It was a lot of work for my LVN and is still a lot of work now that I am working on my RN do people even realize how difficult the pre-reqs like Chemistry are (for me any ways wink). I take total pride in my job and wish others would too.
  2. I am also an LVN (who is in the process of my ASN) and work at an unnamed place where I am the only LVN. They have two RN's that work at the off site. I however work on site just like my unlicensed peers (Health Clerks). They call themselves nurses and tell the RN's all the time how they could give injections and glucogon that I am not needed. Last year they fought to eliminate me and another LVN. I know I am not a RN and would never say I was. But I am a nurse and I get the same as a high school grad who ask why they can't fill in for me when I am out sick. So I get it. It's a problem. A few years ago I worked at an assisted living facility that supposedly had an RN (as a LVN I must have an RN atleast oncall for indirect supervision) I worked there for almost four months listening to her tell MD's that she has been an RN for 20 years. Then the cat was let out of the bag. She hadn't been licensed in almost 5 years and I was braking the law by working there. Needless to say I quite that day.
  3. mgemel

    A Question to Nurses and Nursing Students.. HELP ME!

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that when I started school blood and needles drove me crazy I had panac attacks from just seeing them but, you will be suprised what you can do if you really want something. I got poked god only knows how many times and now giving a shot is a breeze. I still do not like to withdraw blood just not my thing. I am an LVN and opted not to get my IV cert so I don't have to deal with that yet. Eventially I will need it to work at a hospital but for now I have time to phsych myself into it! You can do it.
  4. mgemel

    New LVN needs a job in Southern CA

    I have tried Nursing Homes with no luck either.
  5. mgemel

    New LVN needs a job in Southern CA

    I live in Hesperia Ca about an hour and a half from there but hey I just need a job ill try thanks.
  6. mgemel

    New LVN needs a job in Southern CA

    I graduated in Feb 2009 Started working as a Wellness Director in May 2009 My Job promissed to promote me to LVN when I recieved my lisence. Wll in August I past my test and by the end of Aug. Had my lic card. Gave a copy to my boss and asked for my raise and change of duties. On Sept 15 I was "layed off due to LVN downsizing" of course I was the only LVN there. I got denied for unemployment because I didn't work last year (you know when I was in school) and thats what they counted. Well the story gets tougher. Student loans (the whole 19,000) kicked in in Aug. In July I bought a house. Now I am jobless cant find one to save my life. (I put in every app online all the way to san diego which is a three hour drive for me there and three hours back.) and in my region 25 miles every way from home. And still I had one interveiw the woman said she really like me in the first interview called me back for a second interview only to say owww wait your a new grad. Oh No we cant take that kind of risk. I mean I am broken hearted. I have two weeks or I am going to have to turn to Welfare. I have never been on Welfare and I doubt it will even pay half of my house payment. I don't know what me and my daughter are going to do. Both of my parents are dead so I can't ask them for help and I have no one else. Sorry just really frusterated. I did this for me and my baby and here I am still cant get a job and about to go apply at Mcdonalds (prob with better luck). and I have been in healthcare since 2000 and have experience as a Med Tech, MA, CNA, Wellness Director, Supervisor and Head of Department (But the catch is.... NOT AS AN LVN!)!! Please help I am getting desperate! If anyone knows of ANY job they can hook me up with for now ill mow lawns if I keeps a roof over my childs head please tell me.
  7. Lol Trouble it wont let me edit the subject. I work at an RCFE facility. They are not obligated to hire licensed staff. When I was hired I was a new grad and was waiting to take my test. Now I have taken the NCLEX and passed. I am an LVN in California and was told when I was hired that there was an RN on staff and "not to worry cause I wasn't being hired as an LVN but a Wellness Director". Well I found out about a week ago the RN let her license laps over two years ago. So now... I am the only licensed person in the entire facility. The med-passers had an 8 hour training class and I am being held responsible for 41 residents and about 30 staff members below me. I am really worried because there has been many errors that of course are my fault (even though I wasn't there when they occurred). Should I get out as fast as I can before I jeopardize my license? The owner called me in to her office today and told me she didn't care if I quite because if others make mistakes it is no ones fault but my own. Then I leave at 5pm and I went for my 15 min break at 4:30 because we had been in meetings all day. My boss got angry with me telling me " I could take my break later". What should I do?