MTSAC's lottery number (2010)

  1. I just received my lottery number and I am number 926! I applied November 2009.

    I just wanted to put the information on here so we can see how far we are along the list. I know that some people will pick other programs, change majors, etc and hoping my number will go down. But 929 is very high and seems that I wont get in for years.

    Here are the numbers that I got some someone else.


    Anyone out there?
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  3. by   BillyM_ XT
    I applied to the program on 9/3/2008. My lottery "number" at that time was 1001. But my place "in line" was 421. There are two numbers on the letter you recieve. Make sure you are looking at the right one. As of 1/2010 my number is 111. The program chooses 96 students per semester. But they also pick out another 20 as alternates for a total of 116. So if any students don't pass the HESI exam ( you must get a 70% cummulative average) or don't sign their Letters of Intent or just dont show up, the students who are alternates get bumped down and with any luck become a part of the 96 students getting into the program. I am taking the HESI exam this Tuesday 2/9/2010. So I am crossing my fingers that I get in Fall 2010 Good luck to you. In the mean time take any general ed classes that you need to finish.
  4. by   blueteam

    My lottery number is 1929 and place in line is 926. They take 60 per semester now and it use to be 96. What is the difference between lottery number and place in line?

    If you are 111, seems like you have another one year wait. So total wait time was 2 yrs for you. If I am doing my math correctly, that means I will be waiting no more than 7.5 yrs. yikes

    I already took the HESI on 2/5 and passed but it is still a long wait for me. I finished all my GE's and in the process of applying to other schools as well.

    Did you apply to other schools? What were you doing while you waited? and also, how do you know your current place in line is now 111? I was told they will mail me a letter only the semester that I will get in or as an alternate.
  5. by   BillyM_ XT
    Well that sucks! (with the 60 per semester now). I did some looking and they changed it back in 10/2009. This apparently was due to the economy. They cut back on staff, therefore the class size was adjusted accordingly. Wish they would have sent out letters to those on the wait list that has applied before the change. The Lottery # you're assigned doesn't change. Think of it as an ID # for lottery purposes. The other # is adjusted (down) each time students apply and/or get accepted into the program. You should get a letter for each lottery so you know what your place "In Line" is. The first letter I recieved was 424, then 221, and now 111. With this last letter I was required to sign a "Letter of Intent"(which I thought was weird) to the program and take the HESI. I Don't know why the Letter of Intent?? It's not like I'm gonna go NFL, NBA, or MLB anytime soon. LOL!

    I didn't apply to any other school because Mt Sac is the most convientent for me. I would have applied to other schools but none of them are standardized. Each school requires some other prerequiset to their program. So I figured it would be a waste of time to go to different schools and finish what they required and be put on a wait list there too. Besides my current employer has a 20/40 program. I'll get to work part time 20 hr per week yet still get paid my full time wage and benefits.

    I took the HESI exam today 2/9/2010 and passed. I actually did extremely well on it! I hope the other students did also.

    Good luck to you!!
  6. by   Bella39841

    Wow, that's amazing that there's a list that is that long. I applied Nov 2007 and was called in June 2008 as an alternate. I didn't accept then because I was in an LVN program. I then went in as an alternate in Spring 2009 and made it in. There were about 120 students at that time vying for a spot (there were 96).

    I decided to start from the beginning even though I was already an LVN and I'm glad I did. I would have had to wait longer to get in if I applied as an LVN.

    Now, 1 year later I'm about to start my 3rd semester and boy, has it been one heck of a ride! You guys have to be mentally ready and able to give 110% of yourselves in these classes. You have to want to be a nurse really badly. It's really hard and time-consuming. If you are willing to work hard and put in a lot of extra time studying and going to study groups, it will be well worth it. The bonds you form with your fellow classmates is priceless and helps you to stay motivated.

    Good luck in getting into our prestigious nursing program. I highly recommend Mt. Sac's nursing program. The instructors are the best and strive to help each and every one of us if you seek their help.
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  7. by   crazystone
    Hi everyone:
    I applied for the program in Oct. 2008, still waiting. i recently took the HESI, but i don't why they asked us to take the test, which usually need to do in orientation. also i heard about the nursing department reduced enrollment from 90 student to 60. does anybody know when did the change take place? thank you.
  8. by   Twee_P
    I think we will probably have to wait just as long as each other as I am number 910. I only know of one other who has a higher number than us. She's already in an RN program at county but took the HESI anyways. The test scores haven't been posted to EVOLVE yet. I was told that alot of people who originally sent out a letter to take the HESI never bothered to even come so that's good news for us. Does anyone know how often we will get updates to our status on the waitlist. I've been told by various people that they have to go thru a few hundred candidates to get to the 96 (or now 60) students each semester.

    Also, I'm presuming that people who have lower numbers like 100 or so did not apply in the fall of 2009, but have applied in previous semesters? I can't believe that more that 900+ students just applied.....right?
  9. by   blueteam
    I was told there were about 280 or so that applied Nov 2009. So 280 on top of the people that were already on the waitlist (applied before us) which I believe started at 600ish.

    Well, it's nice to know a lot of people didn't bothered taking the HESI...but cutting from 96 to 60 is a huge cut and longer wait for others.

    I am not sure about my place in line and how often will they tell us. But I called the lady and she said they'll contact me if I'm selected as alternate or the coming semester. I don't know, if anybody knows please post.
  10. by   blueteam

    Thank you. Your post was helpful, I hope they will update me my place in line every semester (every lottery).
  11. by   CAwant2be
    i've been on the wait list since 08/2008 at sac and still waiting. i'm #542 out of 1,185 students. its now 02/2010 still waiting.....................
  12. by   BillyM_ XT
    WOW... I can feel everyone's pain out there who are on the wait list. When I applied on 9/3/2008 i was told there were about 600 still on the wait list at that time. Then with the 250+ that applied when I did it moved up to 850+ people waiting. My # now is 111 so I'm looking at getting in 2/2011 becaus of the 60 students chosen per semester now. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally showing itself. I've waited this long, so whats a couple of more months??!! Good luck to all of you out there!!!!
  13. by   blueteam
    For those on the waitlist,

    I was informed from someone that didn't apply to the RN program that he is pretty sure that I have to be a continuing student or I'll loose my spot. I really don't believe this because I don't remember counselors or someone in charge of the program warning this to us. I don't need any more classes because I am finished with everything!

    Is this true? Those who are on the waitlist for years, are you taking at least one class per semester just to save your seat?
  14. by   Bella39841
    No, that isn't true. When I got back into Mt. Sac after being called into the nursing program, I had been out for 2 semesters since I was on the waiting list. They did, however, try to make me take Math 71 because it became a requirement AFTER I left. I appealed it and won. If you have all your classes done and don't have anything else to take, it's ok. It is not required to be an active student in order to get into the nursing program. If you still have any doubts, call the nursing office and ask them.

    Good luck getting in quickly..!!