Just Got Accepted to Cal State San Bernardino

  1. Hi All!
    Just wanted to announce that I got accepted to Cal State San Bernardino's BSN program!
    Unfortunately, I have to start from the beginning. No credit for LVN, but I'd rather be accepted then waiting!
    Have a good day everyone!
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  3. by   Barefoot_inSD
    Congratulations and good luck!!!
  4. by   pug540
    [quote=NickiLaughs;2471306]Hi All!
    Just wanted to announce that I got accepted to Cal State San Bernardino's BSN program!

  5. by   NickiLaughs
    Thank you all!
    I'm more dreading the future lack of sleep & empty bank account than anything.
    : P
  6. by   krystyle25

    was it hard or competitive to get into the BSN program?
  7. by   bluejeanjunkie
    Congratulations, Nickilaughs!
  8. by   monkeykiss

    Do you mind sharing with us what was your GPA? Was there an interview? or any other information that will be useful. Congratulations again..
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    Wow, old post.... I was an exception to the majority of people who apply there. I actually was full time staff in the student health center as an LVN on campus and worked somewhat closely with the Director of Nursing for the BSN program in regards to the student immunizations. So when I applied, I got in.
    I had several advantages though, being an LVN was one of them. My GPA was 3.4, and I got a 98 on the entrance test (TEAS). You also had to have a letter of why you want to be a nurse, they give extra points if you live in the area and speak another language (I had both).
    80 people are accepted twice a year, the bottom 40 have to sign a contract with a hospital, though that may have ended now. The bottom 40 had to interview with the hospital.
    My information is a bit old, as this was almost two years ago, so I cant say if anything has changed.
    I actually did not complete the program there, I got accepted to an accelerated RN program that allowed me to finish two years sooner. My friend that started with me is currently in the 6th quarter. She says its going well, but it is tough.
  10. by   starzburst
    There are a few more cohorts going through with RCH program, but I believe the hospital's contract with the school is ending or has ended (don't quote me on that). I don't know if it was true of other cohorts, but when I got my acceptance letter, I jumped on the chance of finishing school early so I signed the contract. It was a tough program to go through, but that could be said of any nursing school. We had our ups and downs, good and bad teachers, and the program could be restructured differently and be more organized. In the end, I got my license so I can put that all behind me.
  11. by   NickiLaughs
    good for you starzburst. you still working for RCH?
  12. by   starzburst
    I just graduated a couple months ago so no job yet. I'm waiting to hear back from RCH on any job offers. I don't know how this will play out with how the economy is, me being in this contract, and so many people in the program. Hopefully, I will hear some good news soon.
  13. by   NickiLaughs
    Oh, bummer. I work at St. B's and they hire new grads every month. They take a lot into Med Surg, DOU, Tele, CCU, ER (but only with prior experience). If you don't hear anything soon I'd definitely try there. They do have a great new grad training program.