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Is anyone applying for or has applied for CSU Chico State's nursing program? I'm planning on applying for spring 08 and just wanted to know what the cut off points were. I'm so nervous about the... Read More

  1. by   chico_student
    Hi all, do any of you know how many people applied for Spring 2011. I applied for Fall but didn't get in. This time I turned in verifications for econ/environmental disadvantage. I was at 75 last time and with retaking test I am at 79, but waiting to see how many points they will give me for the econ/environmental. Do any of you have an idea on how they choose the points for the economic and environmental disadvantage portion.
  2. by   deltadw
    Hi, I have no idea how many points they will give for economic disadvantage. I applied for spring 2011 as well, I am wondering if they gave me points for being local as I just recently moved to Chico in the fall. I heard that there were not as many applicants as usual because of the budget deal. Not sure, but I think I have 79 points too.
  3. by   chico_student
    Cool, then just a couple more days to find out if we got in. Time has been going by so slow because I really want the news already. Well thanks for your reply and good luck to you.
  4. by   TurtleLittle
    Hi everyone applying for the Spring!

    That is true the pool of student for Spring 2011 is less than usual because it's mainly for Butte county. For Fall 2010, they accepted down to number 14 on the waiting list. At first the cutting point was 85, but it finally came down to 82 something according to the lady in the office!

    Good luck fellow future nursing students! ^^
  5. by   chico_student
    Thanks for the info and support...hopefully us future students get in
  6. by   chico_student
    Hey TurtleLittle, if you don't mind me asking. Saw in the thread that you got accepted into the Fall 2010. How was Semester 1, and would you say it would be hard to maintain a full time job once in the program.
  7. by   TurtleLittle
    HI Chico Student!

    I would say that it is a brave decision if u still want to keep your full time job! Did u check out the schedule for your 1st semester yet? I'm pretty sure it would be the same to me and you won't have enough time. ^^ Because not like before, with the 5 semester-system right now, the 1st semester is already hectic. I wouldn't say it's hard or anything yet, but u will be kept busy with plenty of paper works from clinical, skill lab, online quiz, etc. for EVERY week. It's not official but they will ask you to go to prep for clinical every Sunday in the hospital! (I'm being serious. They won't tell you now, but they will drop the bomb soon!haha). Also for the 1st 3 weeks, the school is really messing with you when they don't have a fixed schedule! What kind of job do you have? Is it like CNA job or something related to the hospital? I might suggest u switch to part-time like many of my friends do right now (acknowledging the fact that these people never have time to hang out even weekend! ^^)

    One last thing, have u finished all of the co-reg yet? Cuz if u haven't, they ask you to finish all of the co-reg within the 1st semester! (This is the new policy)

  8. by   chico_student
    Thanks turtlelittle, yes I'm finished with everything. I just need to do the program. I dcided to quit my job its at a mental facility basically what a cna does.
  9. by   TurtleLittle
    Your welcome! (But I hope your decision is based on many other aspects, not just solely on my comment! ^^)

    If u work as a CNA, it might help a lot for the 1st semester's clinical! Cuz we kinda cover CNA's duties when you go to the hospital too!
  10. by   chico_student
    Thanks again...I decided to quit my job because it's in Yuba City, so I would have to commute and only be making 8.50 per hour. Wouldn't be worth it in the end. I'm not a CNA, but my job is to perform some of the basic CNA work at a Mental Health institution. I decided that I'm better off looking for a job at school or in Chico. Thanks again for your support.
  11. by   Zaggin18
    Hey all!

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on applicants for Fall 2011. I applied to the university and will be sending in my supplemental application, which is due March 1. What is Chico accepting on their admission point system? I've been hearing that if you have at least a 82 that you're in? Is this true, or is this their bare minimum depending on how many applicants. Also, Turtle, how is campus life as well as the program? Congrats on the acceptance and hope all is well. I just hope I get in!!!

  12. by   Mnorman2
    I just got into the Chico Nursing program and am selecting who to do my Practicum with, who would you guys suggest? The choices are Staff, ----, or -------
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  13. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    First off congratulations for getting accepted to Chico State! I am just about to finish up my fifth semester here at chico state. As far as clinical instructors I would recommended ----... She's awesome! I don't know anything about ---- and am not sure who the third instructor for your clinical will be. Hope this helps
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