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Hello Fellow nurses, I know that i have posted before about jobs in California but......I can't find a job. Im a newly graduated LVN. I moved out here from texas after graduation so i haven't had n e... Read More

  1. by   thinwildmercury
    you could volunteer with the red cross and you will not just do aide's work. maybe they'll even hire you? not the most ideal finanial situation but it will give exp. and could be a lot of fun
  2. by   mizzLVN
    Quote from skeleton82
    I got a job already, I just applied and follow-up and they hired me without experience. You can apply in Country Villa nursing homes, they have a lot of nursing homes here in CA.

    Thks I have applied with them before, and I recieved no response but I will def try again
  3. by   mizzLVN
    Quote from angeliquexxl
    i knw exactly how u feel. i had my license since aug. been on 1 interview and thats IT! the only thing i can say is just hang in there and u r not the only one. :Crash:
    Thx, I'm trying
  4. by   romie
    I'm an RN with 14 months experience in med surg and tele, have my ACLS. I moved here a month ago and have had the worst time finding work, so the problem is pervasive and not limited to RNs. I have at least three nurse recruiters looking for jobs for me, am employed at three per diem agencies, have directly applied for over 25 jobs and still nothing. I have my CA license, yes and hospital experience. But like I have posted before, it seems the only job openings are for CCRN with 5 plus years experience and NPs. I'm about to have a breakdown myself and accept a job I was offered in small city outside of CA just to have work and to keep up my skills. I wish I knew what the answer was. I can say this: use this time to pull out your pharmocology and patho books, brush up on all of your medications and equipments, your proceedures because some of the clinical interviews that I have been through have been brutal. Know your drugs, the dose ranges, indications, contraindications. Good luck! We should revisit these pages when we land jobs and offer encouragement to each other.
  5. by   cguidry09
    i know how you feel, i moved here from texas in june and had all of my licensure completed 6 months prior to that and i still have not found a job as a np and i have excellent references and over 25 years of exp. the job market here seems to be hit or miss. i live in the long beach area and most of my offers have been in san diego and further. some things i would suggest past the application is just show up(dressed professionally) and look around the facility. see if the director of the unit is around, meet the director of the unit you are applying and just let them know you are applying and wanted to take a look at their unit. this way you can put a face with the application, be sure they have even seen your application( becasue of your lack of exp. it may not have gotten passed hr) and make sure that you stress your strengths on your resume, such as are you a great organizer, have great computer skills, good interpersonal skills.
    if you are a positive candidate, sometimes they will overlook the lack of exp.. with the job market as it is an many facilities not knowing what to expect they are trying to spend the least amount money as possible. they can't afford long orientations any more like they did when i was coming in to nursing so you have to show that you are quick on your feet and you have serious short and long-term goals where their facility is concerned. they don't want to train a new grad. and after 4 weeks you get a better offer at hospital b and leave and they are out that money they used to train you for someone.
    hope that helps,

    good luck! :-)
  6. by   rcrn027
    Been searching for New Grad RN jobs around the Bay Area as well. And I can't seem to find one! Help you guys! I really want to jumpstart my career already.
  7. by   cguidry09
    you are going to have to broaden your search outside of your preferred area. if you prefer the bay area becasue that is where your residence is, i am here to tell you, you will have to branch out becasue jobs in that are have declined greatly over the past year. i wish i could tell you where i just read those stats but i have read and researched so much since i have been here the sites are to numerous to remember. lol from someone who bever lived over 10 minutes from my job my whole career in tx,who has been in the midst of a job search since june here. i know where ever i find a job,(other than my current position, which happens to be only 20 minutes from where i reside) it most likely is no going to be close to my resisdence. it may be down to you deciding whether you want a job or the comfort of working close to home.
    also i advice all professional nurses to sign onto linkedin.com which is a professional networking site, there are lots of leads there in addition to a lot of employers and recruiters who visit the site. you set-up a profile and can get leads on jobs as well as network with nurses and other professionals all around the u.s. i have gotten a lot of leads on jobs, but most were too far away ....and i am not desperate yet but if i get there i will be commuting, seems like that is the cali. way.

    good luck
  8. by   rcrn027

    thanks for your advice. appreciate it.