If i don't find a job im going to go insane!!!!!!!!

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Hello Fellow nurses, I know that i have posted before about jobs in California but......I can't find a job. Im a newly graduated LVN. I moved out here from texas after graduation so i haven't had n e experience. The CA licensing system is like a freakin turtle. So i got my license almost 3 months ago and I have put in about 100 applications!!!! No one wants to hire me because i have no job experience! well excuse my language but how n da hell can i have experience when no one will give me a chance. I'm really starting to doubt my career choice!!! if some one can give me n e tips i am all ears, i live in the LA area.


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I feel your pain, I've been looking for a while now. Why did you move here from texas?


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indeed got my license in april and still cant find a job... this "needs experience" is ridiculous


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While I can't admit to knowing exactly what HR managers are looking for, have you tried volunteering to get some experience?


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Just a question, does volunteer experience count?

I'm currently volunteer at ER, not sure if it will really help on job hunting, cause as a volunteer, I'm only allowed to do basic care, like an Aide stuff, not really in a nurse role. Will try my best.

Will can I find a place to volunteer as a nurse?

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Hang in there, you are not alone in this struggle. I'm hoping and praying that things will look up soon... However, I've been told to do anything you can (volunteer, projects, etc) in the time that you are unemployed. You will then have something to say when potential employers ask you during your interview about what you have been doing since graduation. Good luck!

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Have you been applying to SNFs? It seems that is where the highest need for LVNs are right now.


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I've also have a hard time finding a job too! I got my license since the first week of April. Still can't get a job too! I feel your pain we've work hard to get our License, still we can't get a job.


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I moved to California because this is where most of my family is. I havent lived here in about 7 years so I moved back because of my family. but i'm starting to regret it.


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yeah i have applied to SNF's they are looking for experienced nurses too. I even went to one of these hole in the walls and they still wanted experience. this is a mess!


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does volunteer count as "experience" ?


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I got a job already, I just applied and follow-up and they hired me without experience. You can apply in Country Villa nursing homes, they have a lot of nursing homes here in CA.

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