How much do CNA's make in So Cal?

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    Although I'm going to school for my BSN I was planning on becoming an EMT to work part time during school. I wasn't interested in becoming a CNA because all the information that I found said the pay range was only about $8-11, but I was talking to a couple guys at school that said most hospitals start at around $13 and long term care homes can start at $18-20 (not bad at all for the level of training!) They went on to say CNAs are in huge demand so I could get pretty much any schedule I wanted.

    Well I'm interested in the CNA route again Can you guys give me a better picture of what the realistic pay is? I'm near LA (covina) but would like to hear from all so cal people.

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  3. by   smilealot
    I am a ASN student but currently working as a CNA I am also currently attending an EMT class. I live in the San Diego area it is ture that CNA's are in high demand I was literally hired on the spot and still receive phone calls from many different facilites that need CNA's. Starting pay for most places I inquired with was around $10.50-$13.00. Hope this helps! Good Luck with school!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Pay ranges from $8 hourly in the eastern San Fernando Valley to $13 at more upscale southern Californian facilities.
  5. by   Alpha13
    Is no one starting at $14+? The guys I talked to said this pay was easy to find at long term care facilities like nursing and convalescence homes.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Alpha13
    Is no one starting at $14+? The guys I talked to said this pay was easy to find at long term care facilities like nursing and convalescence homes.
    When I inquired about pay rates at a convalescent hospital in Sylmar (SF Valley), the starting pay was $8 per hour. I was paid $8 per hour in Ventura County, California.
  7. by   chuchie
    I've seen most being at $8-12/ hr. Of course it depends on the area, experience, and what certifications you have. You can get your regular CNA liscence, but you can also go on to get home health and acute care certification/training which might get you higher pay. I would try calling some home health agencies in your area. This is what my friend goes through and they assign her to patients close to where she lives and can get flexible hours. She normally gets paid $10-$12 an hour and sometimes more, depending on the demands that a patient needs. Plus is she gets reimbursed for gas if she has to drive the patient to the doc's office, get groceries, etc. I am working on my CNA so that I can go through them since they can be flexible with school hours or after some experience I could work night shifts at a hospital and go to school during the day. Hope this helps!
  8. by   love-d-OR

    I am a BSN student in LA, and I also work as a student nurse (CNA). THe range I have had in the last two years is 14-18 per diem (no benefits) in hospitals. With benefits the range is from 11-14. Nursing homes pay less, and home health agencies pay/registries usually pay about the same as hospitals. Premier (registry)for instance pays about 17. Hope this helps. CIAO!
  9. by   shadchan
    LTC/SNF started at $10/hr with no prior experience for me. Went to $10.50 after my first evaluation.
  10. by   shadchan
    Quote from Alpha13
    Is no one starting at $14+? The guys I talked to said this pay was easy to find at long term care facilities like nursing and convalescence homes.
    Sorry to double post - I'd be AMAZED to see that kind of pay for LTC with benefits included. I've never seen LTC pay that much around here.

    Edit - I have heard, through the grapevine mind you, that Huntington Somethingorother hospital in Pasadena pays a little lower than normal but provides something close to 100% benefits and helps with schooling. May want to check into it if you are into going further.
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  11. by   Faeriewand
    Well I"m in the San Diego area working as a CNA in acute care and my pay is almost $12/hr for 8 hour day. If I decide to work a double its time and a half for the next 4 hours and double time the next 4 hours. Many try to get a double to get all the pay.

    EMT-B's make $9-$10+/hr here. Don't know their shift schedule that would give them more. I took an EMT-B class in the summer to keep learning while I was on summer break. It was great. I know a lot of things my fellow students don't know. But to work as an EMT on a rig here you just do patient transports from one facility to the other. No real skills involved. The real guys work for the county with the fire department. They only make $9/hr for all their life-saving efforts.

    But the good thing about working as an EMT-B is that if your company is not busy you sit around doing your homework. But you do have to pass a physical endurance test. The EMT's I rode with had to carry a gurney up and down the stairs to get their job. (I'm sure with a partner.) Their company was not a busy one and their was a lot of down time plus getting $10+ an hour.

    The CNA work I do is hard work. But I have learned some things. Time management for one. Also I got to participate in a code and do CPR and then post-mortem care. No time for homework on the job though.

    Good luck in your job hunt whatever you decide.
  12. by   chuman
    I got my CNA license last summer. I want to work in a hospital, but have no acute experience. I noticed that someone on this site mentioned and Acute Care Certification. How and where might that be gotten? Who offers it?
  13. by   NickiLaughs
    I would really be surprised to find a CNA making 18/hr in a LTAC. I was making that as an LVN back in 06....and even with the time passing by, I cant imagine that much of a bump up.
  14. by   tigerkate
    As a CNA without experience in LA, I found that SNF/LTC were hiring around 10$/hour. The hospital I was just hired at is giving me 11.55$, before night shift differential ($1.25/hour), and of course working 12's you get time and a half for every hour worked over 8 hours.

    So averaged out completely, I'm making around $14 per hour. [Bouncing from 12.88$ first 8 hours, then the last 4 I get paid something like $19.]