grossmont &/or city college waiting list

  1. this will be my second year on the waiting list for the ADN program at grossmont college... when i submitted my application, the school TOLD me it'd be two years, but everyone i talked to said it would be more likely one year, so i assumed that i'd get in this past fall... but, no.

    so my question is: is anyone else still waiting on the grossmont waiting list? or if you already got in, how long did you wait? is the city college waiting list any shorter?
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  3. by   Bonny619
    I'm in the Grossmont program and it took 3 semesters. Hang in there, it will be worth it. Everyone seems to love the Grossmont students, every hospital I go to the nurses just rave about us.
  4. by   puresass
    that's so good to hear. i've heard the same thing about grossmont students from nurses. it's a reeeally great program.

    did you turn in your application at the end of spring or fall semester?
  5. by   Bonny619
    Let me see, I finished micro in the fall so I went on the wait list December-ish. Ooohh, you know what, I was on the wait list for 4 semesters.

    Just hang in there!
  6. by   sdmommie
    I went on the Grossmont waiting list in Jan 06. I'm obviously not in yet. Last I heard, they were telling people 2-3 years wait. I'm waiting for the evening/weekend program which only starts in Jan. So, if I don't get in this January, I'll have to wait another year. The enrollments for Fall 06 were strange. It seems like they had 4 sections of Nursing 120, but two of them got cancelled. I'm hoping that they will have 4 sections in the Spring. You are SOOOO close, hang in there. By the way have you been getting e-mails each semester asking if you want to remain on the waiting list?
  7. by   puresass
    i got an email last spring asking if i still wanted to be in the program. i think i responded within something like 10 minutes of the email being sent. OF COURSE!!

    do they still only admit 30 each semester? the webpage is so outdated it's hard to know what the little specifics of the program are now.

    good luck getting in ASAP!! the waiting is the most frustrating part.
  8. by   sdmommie
    I think they admit more than 30 each semester. I look at the course schedule to see how many spots are available in the beginning nursing classes. It's annoying to see ANY spots available 'cause I'm sure there are many who can and will start the program immediately.

    Let us all know when you get in! Good luck!!
  9. by   puresass
    i know a lady who was called two weeks into the start of the semester at grossmont & asked if she could start the program the next day because a few people had dropped or the classes weren't entirely filled. they gave her five minutes to decide & she said yes! i'd DEFINITELY drop everything to be able to start the program! haha

    don't forget to keep us posted as well when you get into the program. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :wink2:
  10. by   Bonny619
    I believe it's 40 people. Also, we had at least 3 or 4 people called the week of school starting to come and join the program, that's very common. Be prepared if that happens, especially if your time is coming soon.
  11. by   tabymac
    A friend of mine is also on the Grossmont waiting list....we applied at the same time, Fall 2004, and she is STILL on the waiting list (this makes 4 semesters for her).

    I live in LA county and I got in spring 2005 and she is still waiting patiently.
    Maybe you guys could just move to LA for a couple of years.....

    I know, if life were only that simple. I hope you both get in this spring!!!!!
  12. by   sdmommie
    Mercy! She is STILL on the waiting list? Yikes, for me. I've always wondered why they don't post what number you are on the waiting list. I think Palomar lets you know where you are.
  13. by   puresass
    Quote from tabymac
    A friend of mine is also on the Grossmont waiting list....we applied at the same time, Fall 2004, and she is STILL on the waiting list (this makes 4 semesters for her).


    I hope you both get in this spring!!!!!
    oh. my. gosh. that's TWO FULL years & they're STILL waiting? i don't know if i could handle another year of waiting (i mean, i suppose i'll have to, but i REALLY don't want to). well, i guess all you can do is cross your fingers & hope to get in next time around.

    & thank you! i hope we do too!!
  14. by   Bonny619
    It will be worth it. Are you taking any other courses while you wait? You can get a head start on courses that will transfer for your BSN if you choose to do that.