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this will be my second year on the waiting list for the ADN program at grossmont college... when i submitted my application, the school TOLD me it'd be two years, but everyone i talked to said it... Read More

  1. by   USA987
    Just want to wish you all luck! I graduated from Grossmont in 2003!!!
  2. by   San Diego New Grad
    Quote from katilynn
    i got my acceptance letter. I'm in the night and weekend program!!!!!!!
    Congratulations... I just finished the weekend/evening program this past August and got my license in September! Feel free to ask me any questions about the classes or instructors.
  3. by   sdmommie
    I FINALLY got the letter to take the TEAS on Nov 19th. I'm really freaked out about it. I'm good with the math, grammar, and reading. The science part is kicking my butt! So much to know! Any words of wisdom?
  4. by   puresass

    definitely get the study guide with the online practice tests. the study guide helped me SO MUCH. you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK!! & tell us how it goes.
  5. by   Faeriewand
    Thanks to everyone who posted here. Please continue to post and let us know how the Grossmont program is. My A&P instructor was Lowe also but took it summer 2005. Wish i had just gone for it and taken the rest of the pre-reqs. Still need Micro.

    How was the TEAS? They are now requiring it for my LVN program at Grossmont Health Occupations Center. I didn't have to take it. We took the DET.
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  6. by   junebee15
    Congrats sdmommie! Let us know how the test goes. Any other people get their notification to start for Spring 08?
    I got my letter in Aug 06. I'm soooo tired of waiting!
  7. by   Barefoot_inSD
    I applied in Jan 2006. I received the letter that I was on the waiting list and that's the last I heard from them. I know I'm still on the list because I moved and called to change my address.

    I got accepted into another program but I think it's odd that they never sent me anything else.

    Hang in there JuneBee
  8. by   huffy79
    Good Luck sdmommie. I'm supposed to be taking it sometime in the next couple of weeks for Maric. I'm a little nervous myself. Let us know how it goes.
  9. by   junebee15
    Whose program did you go with?
    Grossmont has never sent me anything either. I just call (or walk in) every semester under the guise of making sure my address and phone number is still correct.
    I think sdmommie also was put on the waiting list in Jan 06. Maybe this was your semester?! Or maybe you'll get a call next semester from Grossmont - wouldn't that just be irritating?!:trout:
    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you in a programNow you're on your way!!!
    Thanks for the feedback!
  10. by   Barefoot_inSD
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  11. by   sdmommie
    Does anyone happen to know what the cutoff percentage is for Grossmont's TEAS? I hear that for some schools you have to score at least a 80%. I hope this isn't the case here.
  12. by   puresass
    when i took the test, i heard from other testers that you had to pass with a score in the high 60%s (67%? 68%? something like that?), but i don't know how accurate that was... the passing grade for the program is 74%, so i wouldn't be surprised if that was the passing score for the TEAS.

    the test (to me) was easier than the study guide & online practice test... i got an 80-something on the practice test & a 95% on the real test. so if you're doing okay with the practice test & the study guide, you'll be fine.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  13. by   sdmommie
    I just got back from taking the test. The rumor is that you have to get a 67% to pass. I got a 92%!!! Wooo Hooo

    You were right. The online practice test was actually harder than the real one. I'm sooo glad that's done.