Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center

  1. It seems like every online job search I've done always comes back with multiple job openings for both Encino and Tarzana hospitals. I did one of my clinical rotations at Encino Hospital, and it appeared to be a nice and friendly place to work for.

    Is there a reason that there's always job openings?...Just curious :spin:
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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    There is a good reason---they are a part of Tenet! It seems the management doesn't give any support to nurses there and they keep losing them to better and better-paying hospitals (i.e. county), and they use a lot of agency nurses because they frequently have no staff. They've also recently had some issues with the union. I worked registry at Encino/Tarzana for a while last year and it wasn't the greatest experience. The nurses were friendly but many of the processes they have to work with there were disorganized and outdated.

    I would not recommend working there.
  4. by   okikuma
    I was told last summer by a friend who works at Tarzana that Both Encino and Tarzana hospitals were being purchased by Providence Heath Services. The same company who owns Providence Holy Cross In Mission Hills and Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank. I've since asked several others that work at both hospitals about the condition of the sale and it is supposidly to be officially announced with in the next month.
  5. by   tkhayman
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the replies. I almost went to work there part- time, but what concerned me was they have had an opening for DON and Manager of Med/Surg for a long time. That did not inspire confidence in me. Also i had personal health problems and could not start right away. The next thing i know i get a phone call from HR person wanting to know why i had not shown up for the past 2 orientations. ( I had no clue since no one ever called me and i had also left this same person a message giving them my start date). So i am glad i did not sign up with them. There are after all many other hospitals to choose from in the area.
  6. by   nsgshortage
    They are a TENET hospital. That would explain why they are crap! Tenet can't retain their nurses. They are the worst.

    Dangerous staffing, bad management.
    I would not work for Tenet again if they were the last hospital on earth.

    Avoid Tenet like the plague. Trevor Fetter Tenet CEO. Raking in the bucks!!
  7. by   tkhayman
    Nsgshortage you should like you used to work at TENET. i did not go to work there despite the good pay they offered. Unfortunately i do have to do clinical rotations with my students at a TENET facility. Maybe that won;t be so bad.
  8. by   nsgshortage
    Trust me. I learned the hard way. Tenet is bad. They don't even try to treat you like you are a human being. There are so many hospitals in CA to choose from.
  9. by   tabymac
    Hello there,

    Just to add my 2 cents: I worked at Tenet for over 3 years as the administrative assistant for the DON and it was a great experience for me. Granted I had an administrative role, but I loved the managers since I also gave support to the Nurse managers.

    The reason that DON position has been open so long is that the DON was pushing for the CNO position and when the hospital went up for "sale" she decided to go elsewhere and no one has really been able to fill her shoes since she took on a serious financial role......

    Anyway, since it has been up for sale more than 2 years now, the insecurity has left everyone unsure about what will happen next. (and yes they do use lots of registry - anywhere from 10-15 daily and 4-5 travel nurse contracts at a time)

    About the Med/surg mgr position....I know for a fact that they have a very high turn-over rate for that position since it is TONS of work (3 floors including onc shared with another manager) and the staff nurses were getting paid more than the mgrs - so lots of them end up back as staff nurses.....

    In any case I loved working with the managers at that facility - I have heard Tenet elsewehere is no good, but I enjoyed working there, they paid for my nursing school while I worked there, lots of perks and you get to see lots of celebs too
  10. by   nsgshortage
    So Tenet gave you a semi "shirt" job! Try the reality of working for them as a pee on RN, your tune will change!
  11. by   guccikaa
    Do they always short on staffs? Has Providence taken over Tarzana yet? or still own by Tenet? Sound little disorganizing -_~ any advice for new grad, would it be a nurturing environment for new grad to start working in the near future? Thank you very much.
  12. by   caliotter3
    Providence took over some time back. Can't address the working conditions.
  13. by   guccikaa
    Thank you very much for your advice. I have an interview coming up and don't really know much about Providence in Tarzana, but I have had clinical at Providence San Pedro. Staffs in San Pedro are awesome. I always wanted to work with Providence with impression at San Pedro. Do you know how staffs are like? Any advise for what to watch out for? Thank you very much
  14. by   NewestRN_OnTheBlock
    I had one of my MedSurg rotations at Providence Tarzana's 2nd floor MedSurg unit. Most of the staff was VERY nice and supportive. They do team nursing on that floor.... So if that's something you're not into, look into other units of the hospital. The CVU uses primary nursing.

    My OB rotation was also at this hospital. Most of the Labor & Delivery nurses are really nice. Postpartum and the Newborn Nursery were great!

    A friend of mine did her preceptorship in the Tarzana Pediatrics unit. She had nothing but good things to say about it.

    Other than that, I don't know much about the hospital itself lol...