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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   amybames

    I called the school on Friday to ask about receiving something in the mail, and it sounds like we just show up to orientation and they give us our admission plan then... but the email says to expect something in the mail, so who knows!

    Snwbdr, I'll definitely be signing up for the mentoring program
  2. by   gween
    Thanks! Congrats to all of you too. Does anyone know why this program is 24 months long, but other accelerated programs are shorter? Like around 12-18months long? I know the CSUSM program goes through the summer, but dont know if other programs continue through the summer as well. Thanks.
  3. by   nurseypants328
    Hi Snwbrd,

    This mentoring program sounds amazing! I would love to participate. I was hoping they would come up with something like this cuz i would love to talk to someone who has already done the program and ask what they thought of it and see what the most difficult aspects of it were. Thank you for the info!
  4. by   nurseypants328

    Congrats on getting into Temecula!! I havent seen many 12-18 month programs... are they AA degrees perhaps? All I know is that this is an accelerated Bachelors program. If you go through the CSU system its usually 3 year+ and incredibly impacted. I knew people that were trying to get into the nursing program at the last CSU i went to and they went all 4 years taking as many pre-req classes as they could and just never got accepted into the program cuz of the impacted nature. i know with this one we do not get summers off like you said, 6 semesters of classes in a row. From what i understand they actually extended this program out to be a 2 year program because many students found that there was too much course work for the time they had to complete it.
    Personally, i cant wait for the orientation! I feel like we are gonna get overloaded with info, and i could really use that right now

    Look forward to meeting you next month!
  5. by   db44
    Thanks for that info Snwbrd. I was looking to see if there was going to be some sort of info from previous graduating classes. I cant wait for the orientation. I have so many questions. Congrats to everyone that got in this year and hope to see u all there.
  6. by   milina123
    Hey all!

    So I did recieve something in the mail but it was exactly the same as the acceptance email they sent to us. I'm going to be down in Temecula for a few days before and after the orientation to check out the area since I've never been there. If anyone wants to meet up to look for places to rent let me know! I've kind of looked online for prices and it seems that its not too expensive, especially if we share a place! I can't believe I'll be moving in a month!

    Congrats to everyone that got in and see you soon at orientation!
  7. by   nurseypants328
    hey milina!

    I got the same thing in the mail. Its literally the exact same that as the email. So those of you who havent gotten anything in the mail. Dont stress, thats all it is.
    As I understand it, a group of us are gonna go check some places out after orientation. You are more then welcome to join. Maybe if we all went out to lunch or something after and kinda got to know eachother, that would help. Its hard when you are jumping into this blind! Where are you coming from?
  8. by   Snwbdr
    Quote from sarahbee143

    From what i understand they actually extended this program out to be a 2 year program because many students found that there was too much course work for the time they had to complete it.
    This is exactly why they extended the program....it used to be 18 months and the courseload was ridiculous...CSUSM is a new school so they're still working out the kinks....we only graduated our first ABSN cohort this past May....The feedback we got from them was that it was too much work at too fast a pace....I know the first semester is 12 units and every semester after that is more like 15-18.....it's VERY intense...but doable.....
  9. by   jimmy83
    Milina, I can look at places early with you also if you'd like. I'm still totally game to go afterwards also. Lunch sounds like a great idea too (somewhere like souplantation/croutons would be my say if i had one). I think we should prolly all do some research in regards to what houses/apartments to look at before hand so we don't drive around aimlessly.
  10. by   EggsMom
    Hi all,

    I just got accepted to the Temecula cohort as well. I already live in Fallbrook, directly south of Temecula, and am very familiar with Temecula. One thing to keep in mind is that the satellite campus will be moving this summer - just google "CSUSM Temecula Joan Sparkman" for the details. It is only a matter of a few miles but will impact where you choose to live. I would wait until orientation before you get your sights set on any one location to live. There are a TON of places to rent in Temecula, and it is very hard-hit by the wave of foreclosures and short-sales so I wouldn't rush to sign up for a place just yet.

    Temecula is not a bad place at all, just a different environment (families, strip malls) than San Marcos (college students, strip malls). It is also uncomfortably hot in the summer, like stifling, so be prepared for that. Tons of shopping and ... shopping. The new campus is a former elementary school that they will have to renovate and will be shared with the local continuation high school. It might not be the "college feel" some hope for but I am sure it will be fine. We'll be too busy to care!

    I could go on all day. Any questions, please let me know. And congrats to everyone!

  11. by   nurseypants328
    Hi Jessica,

    Congrats on getting into Temecula! See, this is like reason 9 million why im so looking forward to orientation. Soooo many questions. Do you know why they are moving the campus? It freaks me out a little!

    If its only going to be a few miles like you said, would you still think its ok to move somewhere around the current campus? From what i know of temecula, its not that big of a city...
  12. by   sandiegoaaron
    Ha! I like the name EggsMom! You'll see why in a sec. I just switched to San Marcos and they've accepted me to their Temecula campus. Here's the thing, I was going to go to National U, who accepted me also. Orientation for National is on Friday, and I believe the cost of orientation alone is $1,850, the cost of one class. After searching here on AllNurses and asking whoever I could ... sorry, whom ... and you'd be surprised by how hard it is to find someone who went through the National BSN program ... I've been scared away from them. I heard their teachers are like drill sergeants and heard specific stories of horror that I'll be glad to share with my Temecula brethren when we meet. But, I'm writing because, does anyone think I'm nuts? I turned down SM (SM location) to go to National, now I'm turning down National to go back to SM, though I'm stuck now with being sent to Temecula. Stupid, there is no doubt. SM accepted me to their SM campus and I turned them down in favor of National ... but then found out all this bad stuff and now I'm back with SM. I live in San Diego, so the Temecula drive will not be a pleasant one, seeing as we'll have to be on campus at least 4 times a week during the first semester alone. I haven't yet told National I'm not going to go there, since I just made this decision today with SM. Nervous? Yes. Wishy-washy on my part? Absolutely. But what it came down to for me was that why would I go to National if I don't feel I could hack the program? National, I was told by a Nurse Practitioner who's daughter went there, is a place where you don't want to rock the boat. She told me to "keep your head down"!! They push people out ... again I'll share later. So, boneheaded as I am for passing up SM in the first place, I'm back on track to join you guys and gals in Temecula. Does anyone think I'm nuts for passing up National? More cost, harder to transfer if you so choose, instructors are cut-throat (was told SM is much better at holding our hands if need be ... we are after all new to this field), etc. Any words of advise? Feel free to be brutal. I hold no grudges, and quite frankly, I probably deserve it. ... And oh yes, when you see me, I'll be the one with egg on my face. See how this all comes around? Hope all are well. Thanks, Aaron
  13. by   Stephgriffin6

    Can't really comment about National because I don't know much about that school, But I would love to hear the horror stories. Any school that pushes good students out of their program is not a school I would want to attend. Nursing school is already going to be stressful, why would you want to have teachers who act like drill sergents. We are not enlisting in the military. If we are smart enough and dedicated enough to get into Nursing school the teahers should already know students are there to learn. I don't think Temecula will be bad, if you think about most everyone is going to be studying 24/7 not at the beach tanning. It's only 2 year of you life!!