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  1. I need help!

    I just got accepted to COC for the new collaborative program (anyone heard of that?), but I live close by to Los Angeles Valley College and I'm still waiting for LAVC to reply me! Should I wait, or should I go ahead with COC? I'm an international student, and it's not easy for me to transfer from one school to another since it takes a long process.

    Does anyone here know which college has a better program? COC or LAVC?

    I heard that passing rate for NCLEX for COC is 94%, what bout LAVC? Where can I find online regarding to the passing rate for each schools?

    Is it worth travelling for 20 miles to go to COC (it only took me like 30 mins), or should I still wait for LAVC?

    Anyone from COC, or LAVC, would like to share their ideas or opinions bout my situation? I would be greatly appreciate that!

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  3. by   wooosp
    I would go with COC over LAVC. COC is a little bit farther, but their clinical sites are in the valley, also LAVC's pass rate is only 77%. Check out the link:
    California Board of Registered Nursing - NCLEX Pass Rates

    What is a collaborative program?...I'm curious.
  4. by   yoginurse2b
    Thanks woosp for the prompt reply. Yes, a few friends had adviced me to go for COC.

    Seriously, I am not very clear with the collaborative program. According to the professor, 5 schools (including Ventura, Valley, Glendale & Pierce) are taught the same lectures through tele-broadcasting simultaneously. But clinical will be different for those five schools.

    The professor also mentioned that we get to choose what colleges to go after the 2nd semester, depends on the seats availability in those colleges. If we don't get chosen by the college, eg. Valley, COC will always be willing to accept us back.

    So far, that's all I know. I will keep you updated. :spin:
  5. by   chgrace02
    yoginurse, do they have a wait list? if they do, how long were you on the list before you got into the program? would you please give me some information about applying for their nursing program?

    thanks a lot!!!!!
  6. by   dijaqrn
    COC is an excellent school!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats! :smiley_aa
  7. by   carol72
    I am familiar with both programs, however, more familiar with Valley's. I am an LVN and am attending their nursing lab presently & think highly of their program. By the way, the passing rate for my class on the LVN boards was very low, however my friends & I did fine. When I was hunting around for info about which bridge program (LVN to RN) to attend, the NCLEX passing rate was not a factor, since I clearly remember how easily myself & my friends passed the LVN boards.

    If you want personal info about Valley's program send me a PM.
  8. by   yoginurse2b
    Quote from chgrace02
    yoginurse, do they have a wait list? if they do, how long were you on the list before you got into the program? would you please give me some information about applying for their nursing program?

    thanks a lot!!!!!
    Hi chgrace,

    I am in the collaborative program, which is different than the generic or traditional program, at COC. I wasn't in the list, but won through lottery system. According to the professors, around 350 students applied, and 130 students got selected. So it's a 1 to 2 chances of getting a seat.

    I think the generic program has a waiting list. My friend was on the list, and he was around 250 (he just applied like few months ago though). And I believe that some of those in waiting list are given priority to get selected in the collaborative program, if they applied. I think the list is getting shorter by now, but I'm not sure what's the number right now (You may call and ask them).

    Therefore, if you really want to get into COC. Try to apply for next Fall semester, for both generic and collaborative program. If you are lucky, you'll get into the collaborative program in next Fall. If you're not, you will still be on the waiting list to get into the generic or the following collaborative program.

    I hope this help! I know it's so stressful not getting accepted to nursing program since it's so competitve! But my advice is, apply to as many schools as you can, it'll pay off at the end!

    Good luck!
  9. by   KattSRN
    hi Yoginurse..congrats on being accepted to the collaborative program..
    I am going to be one of the first graduates of the collaborative program from COC this december.
    Before I got accepted to COC collaborative, I was about #350 on Valley's waiting list, but collaborative called me and got in right away, I only waited 1 semester, if i waited at valley I still would be on the list until now.
    COC is a great school, and the staff and teachers are very supportive - however they are very strict on deadlines - in regards to paperwork (health records, etc) but I can understand why.
    The collaborative teacher is great as well, very supportive - the collaborative program was kinda all over the place, and the technology wasn't well set up then -like the tv conferences but I was in the first batch so now I'm sure that is more organized - it taught us all to be patient and especially, flexible, but the support was great..
    After the first and second semester, we were all supposed to go back to our home schools but none of us went back (for some reason we couldn't)and we all continued to COC, which I don't regret at all
    My coworker is also starting the COC collaborative this January, please feel free to email me or message me if you have any questions about the program or with anything else..I would love to help you, i've been there..:spin: and in the same program too

  10. by   carol72
    did you hear from valley yet? just asking.
  11. by   rosie26
    Is it true COC will be opening a new campus in the SF valley? Anybody know when?
  12. by   yoginurse2b
    Hi KattsRN,

    Thanks so much for the information. I wrote you an email not long ago regarding the books, and I was wondering if you got them?
  13. by   yoginurse2b
    Hi Kitten79,

    I just heard from Valley, but unfortunately I didn't get accepted. Neither did my roommate. So I guess I just have to go for COC instead.
  14. by   yoginurse2b
    HI rosie26,

    I don't know that COC is gonna open a new campus in SF Valley. If I hear about it, I'll keep you update.