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Greetings. This is my story- I graduated from Nursing School in May 2008 (ADN) and passed my boards in October 2008. I live north of San Fran and have yet to find a New Grad Program. I've been... Read More

  1. by   KrazeKazeRN
    HireMe, I would like a copy of this list as well. Also, did you have a difficult time even finding a job in Nevada? It'll be a year in December since I graduated from nursing school and I still haven't found anything in California. I'm thinking I should hold out until the end of the year but then again I probably should start looking elsewhere for a job- even if it means moving out of state. I was interested in Washington, Nevada, and even Texas. Anyone else have any ideas, leads, or info? Thanks!!

    Quote from HireMe!
    I graduated in May 09 and I recently got a job in Nevada (I was looking in both CA and NV) - Anyway, I did a whole bunch of work researching California hospitals, collecting HR phone numbers and getting information on dates of New Grad Programs - I hate to throw away all this hard work so I was wondering if anyone wanted a copy of the list I made - I have listed hospitals by county, got the numbers to their HR departments, and have info on new grad programs - it is not complete, but there is a lot of information here. I do not know how to post it to this website, does anyone know how to exchange documents or anything like that?
  2. by   Lifesaver79RN
    HireMe congrats on finding a position even if it meant going out of state. Unfortunately I am in the same shoes as everyone else and I've been looking since this past March.

    Can you please provide me with the list as well? Thanks in advance. Good luck with your career. God Bless!!!
  3. by   SparkleRN
    Hi - Is there anyone who would be kind enough to email me the list of CA hospitals? It would really help me with my search and I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all that hard work!
  4. by   lperkrn
    For Northern CA East Bay job seekers - No jobs there currently, but another place to check is

    They also have ongoing recruitment for PHN's and I know someone who was hired (more than 5 yrs. ago) right out of a BSN program. Their requirements may have changed by now.
  5. by   cruzer1
    Could you pm me or email me the list too, it would be so helpful! Thanks
  6. by   play4lock
    any way someone could also pm the list? would really appreciate it, been looking since december...
  7. by   Sherrywick
    Hi guys, I'm new here. Any chance I could get hold of your list, Hireme? Thanks a lot!
  8. by   Sherrywick
    Thanks starzburst for the link. You're awesome.
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  9. by   SheilaORN
    I will also like someone to pm the list. thanks
  10. by   Jerry 75
    I am a Nurse of 20 years. When I graduated back in the 80's I started in a busy NYC ER and got no orientation!

    New Nurses to day have it good as far as preceptorships. I am only familiar with some San Diego hospitals. Each hoispital is affiliated with 1 or 2 local schools of nursing and has agreement to accept their students at end of school and getting RN license.

    My daughter was not privy to any articulation like that but had worked 2 years as a Nurses Aid before getting her BSN. Now that she passed the boards and has worked at the same hospital for 2 years she has been accepted Per diem with 3 mos preceptorship in Tele.

    So I would suggest that you keep applying and stop looking for preceptor ship and instead apply for any open spot be it per diem, part time or full time. Start out in the best place for a New RN Med Surg where you will get used to a full range of pt. care and treatment modalities.

    Your Nursing education should be enought to get you started without a full preceptor ship.
  11. by   JoblessRN
    Where I live, as a new grad you are not eligible for Per Diem positions.

    Seems we aren't eligible for much these days.
  12. by   ilovenursing2009
    Quote from heatherp
    I have to disagree with this about UCDMC. I am currently in orientation as a New Grad, and I did NOT precept there. I'd never stepped foot in the building prior to my interview. I will say however that at least one of the other 4 New Grad's in orientation with me did do her preceptorship there.

    All I can say is keep trying!

    I'm confused...are you in orientation for the fall new grad program? I thought they were not taking new grads until October?
  13. by   heatherp
    Quote from ilovenursing2009
    I'm confused...are you in orientation for the fall new grad program? I thought they were not taking new grads until October?
    note to those reading this- the question above was in response to my post about being hired at UC Davis Medical Center even though I did not precept there.

    There is no official "new grad program." They just post new grad positions. There were 5 new grads in my hospital orientation (2 in NIUC, 2 in Vascular/GI, and one in Trauma.) I know of 2 more that will be in the September hospital orientation. They also posted 4 or 5 other new grad positions 2 weeks ago. So, there is no official new grad program, but they ARE hiring new grads! (THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE IS!!!!) I HIGHLY recommend signing up for alerts from them.