Anyone else apply to Sutter Extended Campus in Sacramento?

  1. Tick tock tick tock... I'm dying to hear back. *taps foot*
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  3. by   chickapea
    I see this post was from a year ago... did you get in? I applied for spring '09 and would love to hear what it's like. I hope you're in.
  4. by   benegesserit
    So does anyone know how many people ended up applying for Spring semester? The list was at about 150 at the time I turned in my application the Friday afternoon before the deadline.
  5. by   chickapea
    I turned mine in the Friday before the deadline too. 150 is way better than 500 at Sierra and 700 at AR and Sac City. Maybe we have a good shot! Good luck to you.
  6. by   misslisa
    Wow! Only 150? That sounds great! I just turned in my app to ARC - they were at 300 (with 23 days left) and SCC was at 295. I didn't apply to Sutter because I am taking my cultural class this semester and thought you needed to have it done to apply - the counselor told me otherwise, though. Do you have clinical experience. I have none and I heard Sutter considers whether or not you have healthcare experience in addition to grades.
    Did you apply to ARC and SCC as well?

  7. by   benegesserit
    I have a few years of volunteer clinical experience, which I mentioned in my essay, but I'm not sure whether or not that will count for anything since it isn't an actual job.

    I'm also applying for the normal SCC program (app turned in), ARC, and Sierra (if I get everything done in time). Like you said in another thread, I'm not crazy about the idea of an online program, but I'd rather get in now than wait until fall!
  8. by   polka-dot
    I am going to drop off my SCC app on Friday, so I'll ask about the extended campus apps. Stay tuned!

    Jess...did you get your CPR class? Mine is this Saturday morning, right before my Anthropology that's good timing
  9. by   benegesserit
    Yep, I got the CPR class taken care of. It went nice and quick because only four people showed up so we all got our own dummies. Now I just have to track down more transcripts!
  10. by   misslisa
    Jess -
    I just applied for volunteer work with Sutter. I am hoping it will improve my resume/application if I have at least a bit of exposure.

    I guess I'm hoping I don't have to apply for Sutter this Spring because I will have gotten into one of the 2 I applied for this fall!

    Is this your first time applying?

  11. by   2bgr8nurse
    Did you ever get in to Sutter's program? Just curious, if so, how'd it go? I just turned in my application for the 2nd time last week.
  12. by   benegesserit
    I got in, and graduated in April. It's great program, but a bit intense! I'm glad to hear they're accepting applications for it again. Good luck!
  13. by   2bgr8nurse
    That is good to hear. They didn't open the application to everyone only those who applied last spring '09 and didn't get in so that will make our chances better. I think only 150 applied and I heard they took 45 already, which should leave 100 applicants that didn't get in. How many did they take when you were in it?
  14. by   benegesserit
    My class started with 50 students. There were also 10-15 alternates, and I believe they all got in - Sutter required a response before Sac State sent out their acceptance letters, so people ended up going to Sac State instead.