2010 - UCSF / Stanford RN Residency Interview?

  1. Hey,

    I applied for RN residencies at both UCSF and Stanford during the week of May 10th, 2010. I wanted to hear from anyone who has applied to either program AND has been contacted by a recruiter. Or from anyone who knows for certain (i.e., you work there) when theses decisions will be made. I am a fairly strong candidate and would like to believe I am in the running for a position--but who knows really? I will post if and when I hear anything.

    Best of luck.
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  3. by   CA RN 444
    I spoke with the nurse recruiter at UCSF who said the initial screening of applicants is done in May, and call backs for interviews will take place in early June. She said if we haven't heard back by late June, we can assume we were not selected.

    Did you apply for all 8 positions there? I applied for the 3 I thought I had the best shot at...

    Good luck to all of us!
  4. by   westmidwest
    Great Info. Thank you much. I applied to 4.
  5. by   Student2Registered
    Sent my application to Stanford in mid May, heard back a couple days later, interviewed a few days after that. Good luck.
  6. by   teenychristinie
    I applied to Stanford LPCH RN Residency and had a preliminary phone interview last week. The recruiter told me it might be a couple weeks before I'd hear back.
  7. by   westmidwest
    Thanks for your responses. I wish I was so fortunate.
  8. by   loma6685
    I applied to Stanford on 5/17 and I have my preliminary phone interview today. I applied to LPCH on 5/20 and have not heard anything yet. We'll see what happens...

    Does everyone who applied get a screening phone interview?
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  9. by   linRdsNay
    I applied to LPCH on 5/20 as well...haven't gotten a phone interview yet.
  10. by   icuuci

    I applied for the Stanford program but have not heard anything back;( I was wondering if those who were contacted for phone or personal interviews might share their background

    Its only fair I start: I graduated with a Direct Entry MSN program in Iowa (a top ranked program), worked as a floating Nursing Assistant for 2 years, have 4 peer-reviewed publications, and 4.0, yet have not received a call. Help. Did those with interviews go to stanford?

    I tried to find a residency program at UCSF but can not. Help.

  11. by   NorthBay
    I'm fairy certain that all applicants for Stanford/LPCH receive a preliminary phone interview, so I wouldn't get too discouraged yet if you haven't been contacted. I'm sure they had hundreds if not thousands of applicants, so it will take a while to get through all of the applications and schedule everyone.

    Haven't heard anything from UCSF yet.
  12. by   loma6685
    Does anybody know if Stanford Hospital and LPCH have the same human resources department? Or is the hiring/selection process totally seperate?

    I did my preliminary phone interview with Stanford and interviewer said she saw I also applied to LPCH and asked which facility I prefer. I hope my response doesn't take me out of the running for the other.

    Also, my status on their website now says "unknown." Anybody else have a status change?
  13. by   NorthBay
    Eliminate my last post from your mind; it's totally incorrect. 2/3ish of the applicants get a preliminary phone interview for Stanford/LPCH.
  14. by   westmidwest
    I figured, but how do you know this?