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California NCLEX-RN takers: If you passed, did you see your name on Breeze after more than 48 hours?

I took the test on Tuesday, June 16. 48 hours have passed and I still don't see my license posted (if I passed) on Breeze. I check through "Verify License" and then input my first and last name to see if I am listed. Is that how you check it?

Can you share the following:

Northern or Central or Southern California (pick one)

Took test: (insert month/date)

Posted on Breeze: (insert month/date)

Thank you!


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Took mine on June 8th and still hasn't posted. I finished in 75 questions and got the good pop up for the Pearson Vue Trick. My school still hasn't posted my degree to my transcripts so I think that may be the reason why my license hasn't posted.

Thanks for replying. Mine still hasn't posted on Breeze. (Just checked). I also finished in 75 questions, but I didn't do the Pearson Vue trick because I keep hearing how it can be wrong and I just don't want to mess with that mentally. My school already posted my degree, I think.

I called my school today and they said they haven't sent the transcripts yet because they send it in a batch and are waiting on other students (for what, I'm not sure). No wonder I haven't had my results yet. I applied to the BRN super early so I could get my ATT and take the NCLEX-RN soon after I graduated, but I had no idea that my results would be on hold because of my school. Still not trying the Pearson Vue thing. Okay, time to just relax and wait.

Southern California

June 10th

Posted on Breeze: still waiting

Have you gotten your result yet?

No, I haven't. Nothing in the mail. Not posted on Breeze.

My school said they haven't sent my transcript yet.

I heard on FB, this may or may not be true: Someone from the BRN told her that if you don't receive any mail (an actual letter) from the BRN 7-10 days after your test date, that's good and means you probably didn't fail. I guess they send out those notices soon after the test.

Here are some numbers I found to call the BRN:

(916) 322-3350

(916) 574-7635

(916) 574-7641

I also heard if you have a job lined up that depends on you getting your license posted, call the BRN and they may expedite posting your license.

Call early at 8am.

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I'm still waiting for the BRN to process my transcript too

How many questions did you have? Just curious.


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My degree finally posted 2 days ago so hopefully my school sends transcripts soon. One of my coworkers went to my school and he took the NCLEX in early June and didn't see his license post to the BRN until July 4th.

you should follow up with the transcript processing department at your school

Tested in Northern California (Sacramento)

Tested on June 2, 2015

Results were posted June 11, 2015

I was told that my transcripts were missing. So I drove to the BRN to hand deliver them only to find out that they were in fact there, just not processed. I was fortunate that someone actually went to the back and got my file to show me. That person ended up processing them for me that day. I guess I just happened to go at the right time because usually they'll tell you to just wait 4 weeks then contact them. I've known people to drive up to Sacramento and get zero help. Some of my classmates who tested same day as me or even after received their results in 48hrs, others 1 wk, 2eks, etc. Usually transcripts are the hold up and it also all depends on how fast your evaluator works. There's only so many evaluators for thousands of applications. I know the wait sucks.

Oh yea and my test cut off at 75q and I kept getting the good PPP up. So the PVT was accurate in my case.

I am in the same situation now. My school sent the transcripts last week. I'm waiting for it to be processed.

Still no results since June 16.

Thanks for sharing.

Bobmo88, if you haven't already, like the other person suggested talk to your school's admissions and records or enrollment services or your nursing department to make sure your transcripts were sent. My school sent them after I called them about it.

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Anyone receive their results? I haven't yet.

I called this number for the BRN around 4:30pm today. Found it on FB. (800) 838-6828. The line goes silent, but just wait and someone might pick up. I waited about 6 minutes and a lady picked up.

Here's my conversation with her:

Me: Hi, I'm calling to see if my application is complete. I took the NCLEX-RN on June 16th.

Her: Social security.

Me: (I gave it)

Her: Name

Me: (I gave it)

Her: Your application is not complete. Your transcripts still need to be processed. When did your school send the transcripts?

Me: About two weeks ago.

Her: You need to wait 4 weeks from the date we receive the transcripts.

Me: Can I confirm whether my transcripts have been received?

Her: No, unfortunately we can't.

Me: If I didn't pass, would I receive something in the mail sooner rather than later?

Her: If you didn't pass, you would receive something in the mail. However, those results would also be released once your transcripts have been processed.

If I was local, I would definitely go in person with a copy of my official transcript to try to expedite the process. Who knows where my transcript is in the pile.

I've read on FB that people who have tested on June 23/24 already got their results. It's a mixed bag...

Hope this helps someone.


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I spoke to one of the staff members in the nursing department at my school yesterday who confirmed that my transcripts were sent out last week so hopefully my license will post soon!


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License posted 7/10/15, officially an RN!