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  1. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    you should follow up with the transcript processing department at your school
  2. PVT question

    Results are in! Pass!!
  3. taking Nclex pn in june plz help!!!

    Love_nursing_rn, did you get the letter before your license was posted ?
  4. BoN ph. number

    Other than the provided number (i.e., 916-322-3350) on the CA BoN site , is there another number to possibly reach someone? I've been trying to call but have been directed to a voice prompt stating they couldn't take the phone call atm due to heavy c...
  5. taking Nclex pn in june plz help!!!

    love_nursing- which state did you test for?
  6. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    75 questions.
  7. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    I'm still waiting for the BRN to process my transcript too
  8. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    Southern California June 10th Posted on Breeze: still waiting Have you gotten your result yet?
  9. Passed NCLEX-RN 75Qs 1st attempt

  10. PVT question

    Thank you! I've been reading blogs and have not yet came across anyone that has gotten a "good" pop up and failed, though I've read numerous blogs about people getting the "bad" pop up and ended up passing. I will update you guys once my result gets ...
  11. 48 hours after NCLEX and still no quick result?

    Good luck! let us know with your result!
  12. PVT question

    How is the result from the NCLEX exam sent to the Board of Registered Nursing
  13. PVT question

    Thank you for your input! I appreciate it. I'll wait until I get my result from here on out.
  14. PVT question

    I live in a state that doesnt participate in QR- california. Ive already checked the BON site to see if my license has posted already, nothing. The brn personnel informed me to wait an additional 3 weeks for them to process my file :/ so resorting to...
  15. PVT question

    I took the nclex on 6/2 and still haven't receive my result, so I gave in and tried the pvt. I got the "good" pop up after trying to reregister (yes, I hit submit after inputting my cc info). Is this a good indication I passed? Thank you