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Towards the end of my BSN program, i started to become obsessive and went on this website EVERYDAY to look for answers. I have a DUI from 2009 so i knew getting my "ok" to take the nclex may come with some obstacles. This site has helped me with my anxieties so much, i felt like i should also post my experience with the board of nursing. the 1st week of february, i submitted all the paperwork requested by the board. i submitted:

8 letter of recs, resume, volunteer experience, transcripts, letter of explanation, LVN license copy, BLS, ACLS, certified court documents, and a letter stating i am unable to obtain the certified arrest report.

i received a letter april 11th stating the boards will not pursue any disciplinary actions against me, i will be allowed an unrestricted license, and i am scheduled to take the NCLEX next week. i am happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at [email protected] :)

Wonderful, so happy for you!

thanks so much!

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This post is so encouraging! I have a misdemeanor from 2010 that is now being expunged. I'm gathering my documents to submit now.

I was hoping I could get a copy of your letter of explanation and a sample recommendation? I'm considering hiring an attorney to help put these documents together but seems like a lot of people have success without.

I'm set to graduate my California ADN program in December and I'm here every night after work obsessing over my DUI from 2009 as well!

Did you have your DUI expunged and did you submit the listed paperwork with your initial application or did you wait for the BRN to request it from you?

Thanks in advance!

Im just finishing my appeal process with the board of california. First things first, dont submit your application without speaking to a lawyer first. Go to your local "legal aid" office or a free expungement clinic, there they can connect you with a lawyer that can help you pro-bono. The lawyer can help you write the letter of explanation and submitting the certified court documents. Dont rush, take your time, if you rush and turn in a sloppy packet they will staright up deny you. An appeal to that denial takes a long time, and you are risking receiving a license with restrictions. Good luck, be patient, and speak to a licensing lawyer

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Were you an LVN prior to the charge? I'm getting myself all anxious. I had a dismissed charge from 1999 when I was 19 years old. I disclosed to the Ca LVN board when I applied for licensing in 2006 and was issued a license with no restrictions. I will finish the RN BSN program in March 2019 and know I will have to disclose again. I am so afraid the Ca BRN will punish me where the BVNPT didn't for the same issue.

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