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nurseboop18 has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in TICU.

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  1. nurseboop18

    LSU CRNA 2022

    Anyone know how many they interviewed/ how many spots are offered last year?
  2. nurseboop18

    LSU CRNA 2022

    I just did too! Congrats and good luck everyone!
  3. nurseboop18

    Fran U 2022

    Hello! Checking in to see if anyone applied to Fran U for 2022. Place to share our experience, stats, etc. I'll go first: ~ 2 years STICU, level 1 trauma, teaching facility. charge, RRT experience GRE 318 1st BS GPA: 2.57 BSN: 4.0, repeated sciences: 4.0 CCRN, CMC, TCRN My first degree was ~15 years ago, so I'm hoping they see my newer grades/GRE and give me credit! Best of luck to everyone.
  4. Have you heard anything from TWU yet?

    1. nurseboop18

      nurseboop18, RN

      No invite.  I talked to the grad admissions and she said my science GPA is not high enough.  They don't accept Portage Learning, which is what I was counting on getting my GPA higher.  How about you?

    2. CVICU_RN37


      As of Wednesday, my application was still being reviewed. When did you talk to them?

  5. nurseboop18

    Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    Nothing yet. Still hoping!
  6. nurseboop18

    Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    Has anyone had an update in their Texas Wesleyan application? Mine still has a "submitted" status.
  7. nurseboop18

    Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    Congrats to you too! Would u mind sharing about about your application package? I'm applying with a 4.0 nursing GPA, but 2.57 previous degree. 318 GRE and 4.5 writing. CCRN and going to take the cmc and tcrn next week. 1 year and a few months of experience in a surgical trauma ICU.
  8. nurseboop18

    Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    Congrats! Awesome! I'm happy for you and thanks for sharing. Which clinical site did u match with? I'd rly like the Colton site.
  9. nurseboop18

    Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    Would you mind sharing your ICU experience and GPA, GRE stats? How was your interview? I'm applying for the second round of applications. Thanks.
  10. Am interviewing for the Antonovich scholarship so as to get hired by LA County do you have any information about their critical care program 

  11. nurseboop18

    LA County Critical Care Program for New Grad RNs

    Just went through this program. Excellent 20 weeks and both parts of training g on the floor and in the classroom. Drop a line here if you're curious.
  12. nurseboop18

    LA County Critical Care Program for New Grad RNs

    Following! Interested in hearing about the didactic and training on the floor, if we go through med surg, etc. Also, I heard there were 2 major critical care trainings a year, wanted to see if anyone can confirm?
  13. nurseboop18

    Ca nclex success story brn

    This post is so encouraging! I have a misdemeanor from 2010 that is now being expunged. I'm gathering my documents to submit now. I was hoping I could get a copy of your letter of explanation and a sample recommendation? I'm considering hiring an attorney to help put these documents together but seems like a lot of people have success without.
  14. nurseboop18

    Puerto Rico school feedback - thread #2

    Hello! I've been browsing through this forum and have a general idea about applications pre-2015, but was hoping to see if anyone had information from 2016 forward. I'm a prospective nursing student for the Fall Accelerated BSN program. I have a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, and could probably have most of my GE req's transferred, and take the remaining online in the summer. My concern is that I have a job that goes through August, so I probably wouldn't make the August 1st start date. Any instances where the accelerated program students could start in November? I wouldn't mind staying Nov '16 - '18. Thank you in advance!
  15. nurseboop18

    Low GPA

    which schools did you guys apply to?
  16. nurseboop18

    Low GPA?

    just wondering which schools you guys applied to?