Burned Out or Just The Way It Is?

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Wlaurie, RN

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First off, you have to realize that you can't " fix "anybody but yourself. Best you can do is continue to educate people. Some will listen, some wont. Can't take it personal or let it wear you down.


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I hear you loud and clear. I have had so many patients that I tried to help when I was in my first 15 years or so of nursing to no avail, thought it was me. Finally I learned that I can't lead their lives for them, I give them the resources to change. After awhile I was quick to recognize those that had a chance and those that were going to continue on the same old path. If you give them one simple instruction and they can't do it and can provide nothing to account for why, then you can assume that they aren't motivated. I've taken care of enough 400 pound people with co-morbidities and self destructive behavior to feel like I am an expert in the field. I have decades of experience.

I offer the help, I present the solutions and the way to improved health and offer some encouragement/health coaching. It's up to them at that point and I won't feel guilty because they don't want to get better and won't get better because of their own foolish choices. I am not a savior, I am a human being just like everybody else.


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I am a Psych NP. My algorithm is essentially- is the situation dangerous? If not, I have done my job.

Yes, in 15 years of practice, I have seen a few amazing recoveries, mostly by court order of antipsychotics.

You are doing your job. It sounds like expectations have been greatly inflated

Less than 1% of your patients will ever lose weight or stop smoking


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I wonder.. if not healthcare then what do you envision yourself doing? Maybe you should do the things in healthcare you said or think you don’t want to. You’d be surprised how stepping out of your comfort zone can be that spark you need. For example, pediatrics (probably top 2 in terms of lawsuits) and psych were dead last on my list of things I wanted to do while I was in nursing school. Six years later and thanks to certain circumstances, I ended up in the psych field and was stuck working with the child population in that hospital. Turns out the last thing I would’ve ever done ended up being extremely rewarding, challenging and fun work. I’ve been there for 3.5 years now. And I must say this as well, take care of your mental health. These feelings of frustration can lead to depression, which can lead to drug or alcohol addiction. Find a local psychiatrist or psychologist if your feelings of hopelessness continue to fester.