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Online Pros:

1. I can do classes at night or at work if there is downtime.

2. Flexible time scheduling, read at my own pace kind of deal (meaning I don't have to schedule every Monday/Wednesday at 3:30 pm or Tuesday/Thursday at 8 am or even a MTW off.

3. No distinction on my degree but people can probably figure out I did it online

4. Managers pushed RNs to this program

5. Partnered with my university and I was able to complete it quickly due to being able to double up on classes which I may not have been able to do if I had to spend 3 hours a week per class physically on campus.

I assume you're doing your ADN right now? Or trying to figure out whether to do an ADN and then RN-BSN or do a straight BSN?

As for a pure BSN online? I don't know if it actually exists. Excelsior exists but you have to be a paramedic or a LPN first. I know some schools like my ADN offer lecture components online and you still had to fight for the same clinical spots as the traditional ADN students. It was A, B, C lectures and they had corresponding clinicals set up for those students so we were all together. C was usually a mix of weekend clinicals and late night classes and online classes to choose from. The testing was on campus and generally it was harder than the lecture components. I did one or two online classes for the ADN and I found it was harder to learn the basic material that way for some reason but super easy for my BSN.

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I assumed she was talking about post-RN BSN bridges. Do online BSN programs exist?
Prelicensure online BSN programs that admit non-nurses do not exist. The closest thing you'll find is a hybrid program that blends hands-on clinical practicum hours with online didactic (theory) courses.

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