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Hello everyone! I graduate Dec 16th from UTHSC-SON (BSN). I have a few questions...1)When do I start looking for a job? 2) How soon after graduating do you sit for the NCLEX? 3) How long after graduating how long until you started working?

I have already sent in my application to take the test, and I get my fingerprints done tomorrow. I'm really hoping to get a better understanding of what the next 6 months are going to be like. My husband and I are both in school so I need to have a job ASAP so we can eat. :)


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1)When do I start looking for a job?

Nursing is a competitive field right out school with no experience. IMO you should start working on your resume now. You should also start to look at hospital websites or talking to nursing recruiters to see if they offer a residency/internship and when they expect to put up applications. I think i started applying to jobs the first month after my last semester started. (Internship/residency dates at each hospital vary and some only put the applications up for a week and then its promptly removed due to the massive amounts of applications)

2) How soon after graduating do you sit for the NCLEX?

That part is up to you. You can register as soon as you want after you get your ATT code from school. (some schools are slow with this) Though I do know some jobs that would like you to have your NCLEX completed before work.... Some places even offer a Hurst review for free...

3) How long after graduating how long until you started working?

That really depends on the Hospital... Most have a set date that all interns start since everyone needs to go to orientation.. I know some people that graduated in May that already started working in June and some that dont start until July.

Hope that helps!

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Hello everyone! I graduate Dec 16th from UTHSC-SON (BSN).
If you graduate in December, you really need to start applying for the January hospital new grad internship programs in early October because, in this slumping economy, new grad RN jobs are fiercely competitive to get and are filling up fast. Contrary to popular belief, there is no nursing shortage in the major cities of Texas, and you have to get an early start if you hope to end up in a new grad internship. Good luck to you.


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I agree with the last two posts. I would add to start networking, that's how I got my new grad job.


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Some hospitals are taken apps now for fall grads! Don't wait, go look at sites every day and get in touch with recruiters.


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Also, some hospitals in the med-center have what's called "student Nurse perceptorship" or something in that manner, that start in the fall. With your BSN, you should really jump into that. It's like having a job, you get paid, you work once a week or what goes with your schedule, you have a perceptor, etc. and you have a great chance of getting a job after that! call the nurse recruiters and see if they have that avialable. I know TCH and Methodist hospital had those last fall, esp for the new "coming" grads. And also check the HR website DAILY! B/c most of the time you'll call and the recruiters "won't know when" they will start. but if you check the website everyday, you apply as soon as you see and then call immediately to nurse recruitement and tell them your interested! I tell you, if you are not calling, someone else is and they are going to get the job!


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Thank you so much everyone for your help!!

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1. Now.

2. ASAP. I waited a few months because my ATT got somehow lost or something and I was still okay though.

3. Usually January for Dec grads.