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TheguyRN has 4 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. TheguyRN

    Retake one section of gre

    Can you even take just one section of the GRE? I retook it and my scores for math/verbal flip flopped but both improved. I just know if you take it again don't do worse.
  2. TheguyRN

    Specialty Hospital ICU Experience

    Honestly CVICU is nice to have. Other factors 1.) Small or big hospital? 2.) GPA science and your nursing school 3.) GRE scores 4.) Just critcal thinking in general that comes with the job Everyone that applies will have ICU experience... It's what you learn and what you do with that experience that counts
  3. TheguyRN

    University of Texas Health Science Center CRNA 2014

    I'm from the Houston area. I work in the medical center as i'm sure you do also haha. Also interested in meeting our fellow classmates for the next three crazy years man!
  4. TheguyRN

    University of Texas Health Science Center CRNA 2014

    I got in, bros we be! haha
  5. TheguyRN

    TCU CRNA starting January 2014

    I've gotten mine also! Good luck!
  6. The medical center is pretty close in pay for each hospital so guess about 26-28hr
  7. TheguyRN

    Winter 2011 GN positions/interviews in Houston, TX

    Shesarainbow - I pretty much explained that I was graduating soon and I was looking for a job in the unit because i've always wanted to work here.. Some places were great about it and others not so much. One Manager called me back 4 days later and set me up for a interview even before intern positions were available... (Also please do this even before your license as most intern positions are decided before you even graduate) NewHoustonRN and Ashlee - I would go into the hospital and talk to the recruiter or even managers to the unit. On paper everyone looks the same. Showing your face and your attitude helps. I also agree going to school out of state does not really help your chances :-( sorry
  8. TheguyRN

    Winter 2011 GN positions/interviews in Houston, TX

    Harsh facts but 1.) Since there are so many nurses BSN/ADN every semester being pumped out of all the nurses school, the hospitals can afford to be picky :-( 2) GPA does count, refer to point one. This nursing shortage does not affect the med center haha. 3) I agree with accelerated sometimes a job anywhere beats being picky without a job.... also apply to the outlying hospitals because competition in the med center is crazy... with 500+ applicants for positions 4) Hmmm, to get some interviews I literally just walked into the hospitals with my resume and talked to the manager of the unit. (I actually got 2 interviews this way)
  9. TheguyRN

    Any nurses work at LBJ Hospital in Houston?

    Hmm, Well I guess I should respond! 1.) Lets see the work environment? a) It's pretty culturally diverse at Ben Taub and LBJ as far as RNs go. b) They are both teaching hospitals so unless its just a ignorant resident most of them listen to what you suggest because they rotate teams every month so they are usually new to the experience. c) They don't look anywhere as nice as Methodist/Memorial/St Lukes but I guess it is the county haha d) Med/Surg = 5-6 pts, Tele 4-5 pts:1, ICU 1-2 pts e) The thing is with the county most people can't afford care so don't come in until its really bad, thus you will see and get a lot of experience here... (I could be wrong haha
  10. TheguyRN

    Interview at MD Anderson. Im so nervous!

    Hmm, Well I don't work there, but I did interview and got offered a position when I first graduated. As anyone will tell you be yourself. When I interviewed it was with the Recruiter first and then if you passed her it was with the nursing managers of the unit... So I had two interviews... Basically they asked me 1.) A time where i went above and beyond my duty 2.) Most memorable experience with a patient. I don't really remember the rest its been 1.5 years >. Good Luck! Wow them!
  11. TheguyRN

    Houston GN Residencies

    ^^ My manager said they were still in the interview process.... haha
  12. TheguyRN

    Houston GN Residencies

    I did!! It only took them long enough...... I had to turn down Hermann though but oh well ICU is where i wanted to be.. Goodluck to the others still looking!
  13. TheguyRN

    Houston GN Residencies

    Congrats on the job :-p I got a nice offer also! I start Monday >.
  14. TheguyRN

    Venting, one year RN but still no hospital job!

    I would advise you to go to career fairs... Meeting people in person >> anything a resume says.....
  15. TheguyRN

    Houston GN Residencies

    Congrats on the Job :-p For my interviews I just go in and never rehearse lol.... it seems to go pretty well for me... Some interviews are so random there is no point in preparing...
  16. TheguyRN

    UTHSCSA-Fall 2011

    Well, I guess i can give my 2 cents here also. I graduated in 2010.. 1. I dont think the school was poorly operated... So i dont know that that person is referring to. 2. I agree with the curriculum always changing but apparently its for the better... I mean really EVERYONE at other schools also feel unprepared for their first time working.... I dont think any schools really prepare you for the real world work.... 3. I was a peer advisor.... I dont know who you are referring to but the dean + teachers always had there doors open when you needed to talk.... 4. Charges? Im not sure of that so im not going to say anything many things have apparently changed since ive graduated... computers?? what.... Also the gym fee is actually to the super nice gym which i enjoyed. 5. Liars and cheaters..... there are always going to be those... our class got accused of it also.... its people passing information about tests around.... people remembering questions on tests and telling it to friends... its really inevitable... 6. True with the pinning ceremony/graduation. We ourselves started our own fundraisers. Sold shirts, had bake sales, etc to raise the money..... 7. Mental health was a blast for me.... but i went to a nice facility..... All in all, my experience at school was enjoyable. I met great people.... our class was awesome, we fund raised and every semester had a class party..... I guess its just how our class goes that determines the experience.... I don't think any school prepares you enough for the nclex. And also... I had 2 jobs lined up before school ended.... Both in the houston medical center... I must say I had like 6 interviews and turned down like 2 more..... But mostly interviews are not about which school you went too. A LOT of it is about the grades you make and your personality....

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