5 B's and 1 A...


So I've only taken 6 classes so far out of the 20 prerequisites and out of that I have 5 B's and only 1 A. I am really feeling discouraged right now. Any advice or encouraging thoughts???? they would be greatly appreciated!!!! :nurse::nono:

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The only thing I could honestly suggest is find out where your weakness is. Do you need more time to study? Are you not studying in a way that works for you? Do you need to communicate with your instructor(ask questions, email, etc) more? Getting B's is not the end of the world, but to be competitive in the nursing field, you'll want the best. As we all do!

I would just say keep going, try to do better in future classes, and get those A's! :) Ask questions, take notes, do research, keep ahead, and study harder! :)

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Just be honest with yourself about why you're getting B's. For me it was that I wasn't planning my time well. Fact is, B's aren't bad. However, it's been said before a lot of people are chasing the same dream and to be competitive you need to do YOUR absolute best, whatever that may be. If B's are your best, then that's awesome and don't be discouraged. If you know you can get A's then even better. Set your own standard and rise up to meet it every day.


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Thank y'all so much!!! Really that just made me feel a lot better!!! I think I do need to communicate with my instructors more and manage my time better. Thanks again!!!! :)

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Time management is something I struggle with as well. I have gotten my fair share of A's with a little B's sprinkled here and there, but managing time has always (and continues to be) a learning process for me. It's not that I procrastinate (which I hate doing because it just stresses me out) - I just underestimate how much time something will take, like making flashcards for example. However, the classes I got B's in were just tough for me all around no matter how hard I studied or got tutoring for. Personally, I found inorganic chem and micro to be harder than both A&P put together. I got B's in the chem and micro and A-'s in both A&P. For many it is the opposite. Idk how you're pairing your classes together but I would review your class schedule just to make sure it's a courseload that you can handle. I know a lot of people pair A or P with micro and chem or some other tough combination and do well. However, I knew myself enough to know that doing that isn't worth the risk/stress for me, so I paired a tough class like micro with a couple easier classes, like an elective and something else that is manageable.


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Well I just took chem in a summer course and got a B. I was and still am so frustrated because i was so sure i would get an A but I did the math and got an 89. Chem has always been my hardest subject and i paired this coming semester's A&P1 with history government and stats. I don't think it will be too difficult but I am seriously just sick of B's. Lol :down: I wish i could take less credits but it will mess with my financial aid :grumpy: however I have decided to quit my job and just babysit for gas and bill money this semester and am hoping that will help with giving me some extra time. Thank you for the advice :yes:


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Cutting back on work hours should help.... good luck!!!!


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I think that's pretty durn good considering the course load! :yes:

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You have 14 more classes. Imagine what that GPA can be with a whole bunch of As. :) Just buckle down, and you can do it. Changing to a less time consuming job is a great idea.