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Hey Guys! Thought I'd start a forum for those applying for Spring 2019 of the

Brookhaven nursing program. I still have to do the Critical Thinking exam, dosage calc class, Hesi! Can't wait to talk to you guys as we apply!!

When is the application dead line?

Last business day of september so 9/28/18. Are you applying?

Yes i a m mn planning to

I just started studying for the Hesi

Hi there!

I will also be applying for Spring 2019. I took the Dosage calculations in 2017 and passed scores are good for 2 years. I am currently taking pharmacology and I just need Micro to complete the support classes. I took the critical thinking exam in Feb 2018 to get some practice. I got 10.2 out of 15 points. I will be taking the HESI in the fall. I have all my vaccines as well currently waiting to have the 3rd dose in August for the hep b antibody.

Are you gonna retake the critical thinking exam or just keep that score? Also how many points do you think you'll apply with?

I'm also planning on applying to Brookhaven ADN for Spring 2019. Does anyone have an idea how to study for the critical thinking exam? Is it logic based? Specific to nursing situations?

I am going to re take it hopefully get a higher score. I am not sure since I will be taking the hesi again this fall. How many points do you think you will apply with?

deemin220: The only advice I could get was: "Don't over think the answer. For me, the first time I finished in 20 or 30 mins and I got 10.5 points but the second time I took the whole time thinking and thinking about my answers and did worse."

MarianaR: I'm not sure but I'm aiming for around 35 points.

I know this may be a silly question, I just started studying for the dosage class but are we allowed to use a calculator?? I've been studying without one I just want to make sure I'm not making it harder on myself

I'm also applying for spring 2019 and all I have left is the HESI and CT test!

I just email Mark Meyer asking so I'll let you know when I get a response! Also how are you studying for the dosage calculation class?

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