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I just turned in my application for Spring 2011 at Brookhaven. Anyone else out there?

I was told when they were reviewing my packet that they now accept 60 for fall and 40 for spring.

With no one receiving the +3 bonus/reserve points, it seems the point total may be less than in previous semesters.

Does anyone know what the minimum was for Fall admission?

Last semester there were people that got denied with 31 points.

Good Luck! I am applying also. I read in another post that some people got in with 31 points after they opened up 20 more spots.

I only have 30.0 points this time.

I retook the HESI a few weeks ago and dropped my total point amount by 1.67. I'm so disappointed. I should have kept my original score.

I honestly think you will be okay with 30 points. I only have 26.21 - blah. Doubt I will get in.

I have 26.75 points. I retook the hesi and got the exact same score. I have to keep taking it because I am done with all my classes. I guess I need a high 90 because a high 80 is not good enough. It bites because like all of you I really want to get in. Good Luck!

Same here, I retook it and got the same score!!! I needed to improve my English section. So I did that and brought my English way up but then dropped my A&P. I was like errrr!!!!!! I applied at El Centro too.

That is so funny(not really) because the exact same thing happened to me. Raised English lowered Math and A@P. Good Luck at both schools. Please let us know how it turns out.:)

I think the lowest points for fall 2010 admission was around 31.7. I actually got to see the list from "you know who". She was kind enough to show me that I was only 5 away from being accepted. : [ This spring should be different because they are not allowing the 3 points for past applications and not allowing other Hesi scores for the people that took it like 10 times at El Centro or Northlake to boost their score. They are only accepting the Hesi score taken at Brookhaven. Hopefully, third time is a charm this time around.

Good Luck Diamond! Keep us posted.

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Good luck you guys! I will be applying this time NEXT YEAR for Spring 2012! Can't wait!!

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i agree with diamond. i also saw the list and was just a few behind you as an alternate! with the 3 points and multiple hesis going away, the minimum should drop, but don't think too significantly. possibly 29? of course there is no way to be sure, but this is my third time applying and i have watched the trend for 3 semesters. keep in mind that now that mountainview is no longer a functioning program, there could be more people applying at brookhaven, and there will only be 40 this spring. "you know who" said that they will keep doing 60 in the fall, and are trying to get 60 in both semesters but don't have the money in the budget for staffing. for thos who don't get in this time, make sure you have your support courses done- they offer them during summer and possibly winter term. i ended up taking patho at another school and had it transferred/substituted in. make sure you know ahead of time that the class will be accepted so you don't waste your time and money.

i am confident that i will get in this semester- i hope that everyone else here makes it! lets keep in touch, and good luck! we should find out before thanksgiving .:hrnsmlys:

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