Bristol Community College-Fall 2015?!


Hey aspiring nurses,

I haven't seen a forum for the BCC applicants for fall 2015 yet, so here we go!! Who's applying to BCC? It would be nice (& is my hope) to become a support team to cheer each other on! I'd like to hear where you are in your process and if you're also applying to other schools.

As for me, my application is in, I just need to do Micro. Any suggestions for Micro professors?

I'm very excited and I'm sure you are, as well. Can't wait to hear from you all!

--All support is welcome! Any BCC nursing affiliates, feel free to chime in, as well--



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I am also apply to BCC for 2015! I have all my pre-admission classes completed plus a few extra, took the TEAS in October and just need to fill out the application. I will have all general ed classes completed before the program begins, just not before applying. Finishing up during the spring and summer semesters. This could hurt my chances of getting accepted but worth a shot to apply since I am not getting any younger.

Did you submit your application online yourself or did you meet with the admissions department? Did you apply to traditional or eLearning? Do you plan on applying to other schools?

Hey there,

Thanks for starting a thread for us!

I'm currently taking A&P I at Massasoit and am studying for the TEAS, but Admissions encouraged me to submit an incomplete application and send the transcript/results when they were available. (I selected eHealth as first choice, traditional as second.) I haven't taken Micro - do you use RateMyProfessor to test the waters? Otherwise, I've already completed all other required courses. I'm also applying to Massasoit, as well.

Did anyone fully understand the admissions point system?


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Southshore2014, I am also taking A&P I this semester at BCC. I am applying to both BCC and Massasoit. You can fill out application at BCC prior to everything being completed as long as the transcript and TEAS results are turned in prior to deadline. Massasoit admissions told me to have everything completed and in hand to turn in all at once. So I need to wait until this semester is completed before I can submit to Massasoit.

I do use RateMyProfessor to get an idea but can't trust completely. I have had a great experience with all the BCC professors so far.


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Hey TC_2014 & southshore2014! Thanks for joining the thread :)

TC_2014, I filled my application out online, but I called admissions RIGHT AWAY to have them verify that it was completed correctly. Traditional is my first choice and eHealth is my second. I also applied to Massasoit last week. If worse comes to worse, I'll apply to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, but I have faith that I'll get into BCC or MCC. Not that BHSON isn't a good school, because I think it's fine, it's just the most expensive and it would be a longer commute for me.

southshore2014, I do use ALL the time ;) Unfortunately, the professor I've been waiting a year & 1/2 to take it with isn't teaching Micro this semester, which is a bummer! As long as you get above a 50 on the TEAS, maintain a 3.0+, and complete the pre-admissions requirements with a B- or higher, you can to apply to BCC. The more A's in the pre-req's and the better!

The points system is as followed:

6 or 5 points for an A+ or A —I'm almost sure they use 6, but not 100% which they use, because now an A+ & an A= the same weight!

4 pts= A-

3 pts= B+

2 pts= B

1 pt= B-

The classes are:

High school Chemistry with a lab or CHM 090

HS Algebra or higher

Anatomy and Physiology I

English Composition I or II

General Psychology

Total possible points= 30

I hope this helps! :)


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I submitted my BCC application! First choice is Traditional and second choice is eHealth. It is exciting that it's official, now the waiting begins. I am also applying to Massasoit, but need to wait until I have my transcript from this semester. I also looked into BHSON, but it is too expensive for me.

Hey Aspiring.RN,

I totally get that. I'm taking a professor for A & P I at Massasoit who doesn't teach A & P II, I'm dreading spring registration.

I guess what I'm unclear of is how BCC sets candidates apart from each other, besides points. For example, if I had 30 points and a handful of other candidates also had 30 points, along with similar GPA's, how do they decide who to accept and who to decline? Can you shed any light on this?


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BCC is strictly quantitively based in their decision for who they accept. The students with the highest GPA and with the most points will get in, basically. They do this to eliminate a bias and to allow the "best" candidate to get in. This is what they've told me, so this is what I go off of. You can always call to get a clearer answer. I hope that helps!

So do you actually have 30 points or was that hypothetical?

If I can pull off A&P I with an A this semester (crossing fingers) , I'll have the full 30 points and a combined GPA of 3.84.

Today I'm going to register for the TEAS, hopefully the test on Friday will be available. I took the practice test online yesterday and scored a 69.3% without studying for anything except the reading section. I'm sure I could take time and bring it up by studying for the other sections, but I don't think it's worth the energy if they only are looking for a 50%.


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Good luck on the TEAS, but I am sure you will do great! I scored much higher on the actual test than I did on the practice test.

Are you also applying to Massasoit Nursing? If yes, which school is your first choice? BCC is my first choice based on location, but I have heard great things about both schools. I am looking forward to attending the Massasoit information session this week to learn more about their process.

You have a great GPA so I don't think you will have a problem getting accepted to either school. I too should have the full 30 points! Unfortunately my previous college GPA (from many years ago) is a 3.0 and my current GPA at BCC is 4.0, so when calculated my cumulative is only about 3.5.

Thanks for the kind words, TC_2014! I hope the actual test will be less challenging - that practice test was a beast!

Yes, I'm applying to both Massasoit and BCC. I think I'll have a more difficult time with getting an offer from Massasoit, just because I'm going to lose the points for not having APII and Micro completed already. I'm not sure which one I prefer. I have strong bonds with Massasoit and would love to be part of the community there, however, the clinicals would be quite a drive and I like the idea of the eHealth program at BCC to provide me with more flexibility in my schedule.

I don't know about BCC, but Massasoit is big on new beginnings and personal development. Seeing the growth in scholastic ability may work to your benefit.


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I too will be missing points with Massasoit since I still need APII and Micro, but it can't hurt to apply. I have a chance with both schools but it all depends on the other applicants. I can only do my best and hope I make the cut this year. If not, I will continue to take classes and apply again next year.

Do you know where Massasoit does their clinicals?