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  1. Massachusetts APRN license

    Hi NurseJamillah! Yes, I did, thank you! Mine was about the same. It did stall out a couple of times stating they were waiting for documents. When I called in to check on status since everything was submitted they stated they didn't receive cert...
  2. Hi all, I am highly considering applying for Rush University's Transformative Leadership/Population Health DNP program. Any current students/grads of this program on here? Would love to hear about your experience!
  3. Massachusetts APRN license

    Hi Nurse B, it took mine about a month...only because of persistence. They misplaced things left and right and mysteriously found them when I would call and check the status. I probably had to call 2-3 times due to it stalling out and things being lo...
  4. How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    Hi all, I'm an I/D nurse. Where are you all located? There are usually positions posted all over Indeed!
  5. ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Hello, Previous to nursing school I earned an associates in business administration and a baccalaureate degree in rigorous psychology program summa cum laude. I then went back and completed my ADN at a local community college. One of the most diffic...
  6. CDDN Certification

    Hello all, Wondering how many here have sought CDDN certification? I would like to study for it but am looking for guidance. Unfortunately, the "bootcamp" prep courses are only offered at the DDNA conference once annually. Thank you in advance!
  7. Why did you choose Nursing?

    I always wanted to be a psychologist and accepted a job as a mental health worker at a psychiatric hospital to build my resume in preparation for PhD programs. I was absolutely amazed at the skill, knowledge, and passion the psychiatric nurses had an...
  8. Bristol Community College 2016

    Yes. I took TEAS at BCC and used results for BCC and Massasoit applications.
  9. Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Good for you! I do like the program, had to take the summer off due to personal commitments. Looking forward to starting it next month! Yes, I am doing the online program.
  10. Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Hello, My first class is going well. I have a bachelors degree in psychology, so the gen eds (including stats) were already completed. I just have to take 4 undergrad nursing courses. From beginning to end my course of study is scheduled to take 3 f...
  11. Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Congratulations! I just started this month in the ADN-MSN program.
  12. Evening Nursing Programs in South Eastern Massachusetts

    Hi Erin, Congratulations on researching your interest in nursing! I graduated from BCC's hybrid program and am fairly familiar with the other ones in the area from when I was trying to figure out where to go. BCC's hybrid program is fantastic as far ...
  13. PhD Nursing Forum

    Yes, please do! I am also considering a journey towards a PhD and would greatly appreciate having easily accessible discussion resources.
  14. ADN w/ BS degree Not Nursing to NP.

    Hello, I am a RN with an ADN with a previous BS in psych. I am starting my MSN in a NP track at Regis College in Mass (online) as of January.
  15. BCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Thank you, you as well! If I can be of any help along the way, please feel free to private message me!