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  1. southshore2014

    Why did you choose Nursing?

    I always wanted to be a psychologist and accepted a job as a mental health worker at a psychiatric hospital to build my resume in preparation for PhD programs. I was absolutely amazed at the skill, knowledge, and passion the psychiatric nurses had and what a great work life balance they appeared to have. I am now a developmental disabilities nurse administrator and am working on graduate school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I work hard every day and am constantly challenged on how I can make a bigger impact on peoples lives - I cannot imagine being in any other discipline.
  2. southshore2014

    Bristol Community College 2016

    Yes. I took TEAS at BCC and used results for BCC and Massasoit applications.
  3. southshore2014

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Good for you! I do like the program, had to take the summer off due to personal commitments. Looking forward to starting it next month! Yes, I am doing the online program.
  4. southshore2014

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Hello, My first class is going well. I have a bachelors degree in psychology, so the gen eds (including stats) were already completed. I just have to take 4 undergrad nursing courses. From beginning to end my course of study is scheduled to take 3 full years.
  5. southshore2014

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Congratulations! I just started this month in the ADN-MSN program.
  6. southshore2014

    Evening Nursing Programs in South Eastern Massachusetts

    Hi Erin, Congratulations on researching your interest in nursing! I graduated from BCC's hybrid program and am fairly familiar with the other ones in the area from when I was trying to figure out where to go. BCC's hybrid program is fantastic as far as the education, but it would not give you the flexibility for the hours you're looking for. To my knowledge, there are not any evening programs that meet after 4pm due to the amount of hours they need to meet per week. I know Quincy College (location in Plymouth) offers a part-time program, I'm not sure when their classes/clinicals are. Please feel free to private message me, I'm happy to discuss your situation further and see if we can brainstorm some options!
  7. southshore2014

    PhD Nursing Forum

    Yes, please do! I am also considering a journey towards a PhD and would greatly appreciate having easily accessible discussion resources.
  8. southshore2014

    ADN w/ BS degree Not Nursing to NP.

    Hello, I am a RN with an ADN with a previous BS in psych. I am starting my MSN in a NP track at Regis College in Mass (online) as of January.
  9. southshore2014

    BCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Thank you, you as well! If I can be of any help along the way, please feel free to private message me!
  10. southshore2014

    Gero-Psych... good resources and essentials

    Hi perfectbluebuildings! I'm a new grad that will be starting on a similar floor in a month. I don't have any advice for you, but I share your concerns about acuity and resources. I hope things work out for both of us!
  11. southshore2014

    BCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I have been hired by a local hospital. The BCC name carries a very strong reputation in the community. Hospital jobs can be difficult to get, but I haven't talked to one graduate that hasn't been able to get a job offer between community facilities and hospitals.
  12. southshore2014

    License by Endorsement

    Hi jmichjr93, My license was just issued in the past week. I passed the NCLEX-RN on 7/13/17. Did you already pass NCLEX?
  13. southshore2014

    BCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Each college/program has its own rules on what is required to be considered for admission. Here is the link that has information on BCC's requirements: Bristol Community College - Nursing Career History is not required to apply, you can take it after being accepted. That being said, I highly recommend completing all classes except for nursing coursework before being accepted as you would either have to take them over the summer or along with nursing classes which is nearly impossible with the workload. I would recommend you contact the admissions department at BCC, they are extremely helpful and would be a good resource to guide you through the application requirements.
  14. southshore2014

    BCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Hi Lida1988, Welcome to the USA! I am a huge supporter of community colleges. I believe they offer a solid education at an affordable price, while also having many resources for first generation college students (I was one) and those with English as Second Language (ESL) as many of my classmates were. I would highly recommend taking all of your prerequisite courses at BCC and then applying for their associates degree nursing program. I'm a recent grad and can attest to how well they prepare you and how strong of a reputation they have in local hospitals. Regardless which program you choose, it is critical to take any required English coursework. The amount of material you have to learn in nursing school is very intense, a few of my classmates were ESL and really struggled having to work at translating on top of studying. It doesn't hurt to apply to multiple schools. I applied both to Massasoit's and BCC's nursing programs.
  15. southshore2014

    Any Graduates From Regis College NP Program

    I will be starting as of January 2017 for PMHNP and am very excited.
  16. Hi Keto, Any update on what you ended up doing?