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do you bring your work home with you?


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Just curious to know if anyone has ever catched anything (i.e. scabies, flu, HIV etc) from their patients?

When I worked in a LTC facility, got a couple of fleas at work one time. Someone else said something so that is how I knew I got them at work. I've encountered cockroaches at client homes in home health and had to evict them at least twice from my belongings. It happens.

BostonTerrierLover, BSN, RN

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See my "Shouldn't Nurses be able to Isolate Patients?" thread.

As of now, 2 CNAs, and 1 Nurse have caught Scabies at this dreadful post I have taken as a Contracted Assignment.

But, on the brightside, I never get sick anymore, I think all the Fomites we meet on a daily basis have boosted our immune systems beyond the non-healthcare delivery public.

Flare, ASN, BSN

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My full time job is as a school nurse. At the start of my career I was constantly sick with URIs. These days it's a rarity for me to get sick. A busy immune system is a happy immune system!

tokmom, BSN, RN

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Chickenpox. I told them I had never had them before. The infectious nurse said you can't get chickenpox from shingles. I refused the pt, but I was told I would be written up. You can guess what happened a few weeks later.....

Thankfully, it was a light case, so I spent the time off planting flowers in my garden, while my floor worked short on what would have been my work days.:lol2:


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MRSA. I got an abcess on my shin one month into working in the ICU. Had an I&D done. It hurt!!!!!!

joanna73, BSN, RN

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We had an outbreak of scabies on a floor I worked on. It was a pain, since we all had to comply with treatment, and this entailed applying a cream and washing all bedclothes. After, a follow up visit to Occ Health.