Breast Pump Rentals - who does them at your place?

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Hi Everyone,

I have some questions. Do you do eletric breast pump rentals? If yes, who gives them to the patients and instructs them on usage? Our breast pump rep tells me that in some hospitals, there are secretaries that do this. Our unit department coordinator who is an LPN will be trained on this but is concerned about hospital liability and whether or not this is in her scope of practice to be educating people about electric breast pumps. I would appreciate your input.




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I'm not currently working in an L&D, but in the L&D I worked in a few years ago, we carried breast pumps on L&D, and patients got them through the lactation consultant. If the patient claimed to know how to use one, she signed a waiver that she didn't want instruction. If she didn't know how to use it, she was instructed by the lactation consultant, and signed a form saying she had received the education, and the form specifically listed the categories covered, such as how to use the pump, how to store the milk, etc. Patients were also given a detailed instruction sheet on breast pump use, and were given a pager number for the lact. consultant in case they had questions or problems. That seems the best way to CYA! We never had a problem. Good luck to you!

LCs rent, but on the weeknd you are SOL as they don't work then. We used to have access to them, but I think the key to the closet got lost?:confused:

Wait! What kind of liablility is she worried about? LOL!! Some sort of boobie accident with a pump? :p


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NO we don't rent breastpumps. We do give referrals to places that do. Our LC has all the info as does LA LECHE LEAGUE. So we are outa that loop.


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Yes, we are worried about women suffering breast damage and then suing us by claiming that they were not properly instructed.

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I did mine manually so it was easy.


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One thing she could do is design a disclaimer contract like the one mentioned above, and have the hospital print it out on multiple-copy forms, so that instead of just signing a paper saying "Yes, I've received this or that form", you will have a copy of the form with her signature on the bottom and still have a copy to give to her. An office supply shop or wherever they have their official forms printed should carry this type of form. Does that make sense?

Also, contact your local WIC office. Ours handles the electric breast pump rental, so they should have something you could model your own form on.

Call me niave, but I can't imagine ever getting breast tissue damage from a hospital grade pump. Those "Evilflo" pumps you can buy at your local drug store are another story!

But maybe she's right. There are some really dim bulbs out there!

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We have an antiquated breast pump . . .has the arm that pulls the suction device back and forth and you can only pump one breast at a time - but it works because I needed to use it once when I forgot my pump at home. All the nurses know how to teach the patient and we can all sign it out . .they don't rent it.

We have a new LC though and she is working on getting us a new one.

We don't have them sign a disclaimer for boobie accidents.

:D steph


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Our LC's handle pump rentals.


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Our Breast pump rep told me that our LPN can do the rentals. I checked with our risk manager who told me that our LPN can be trained to instruct a patient on how to use the pump (in a scripted fashion) but NO assessments should be done. If the patient has any problem, a referral to a LC or doctor must be made.

Thanks to everyone for this input!

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