Brand-new RN!!!!!!!!


I found out today that I passed NCLEX!!! I will be starting orientation on Monday.....

Looking forward to posting on this forum!


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Congrats!! I can't wait until I can say the same! Six more months... ;)

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Congrats, what type of unit are you going to work on?


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I am going to be working on a stroke step-down unit (this unit also has 7 med-surg rooms.)


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:balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons: congratulations and hope to be shouting out praises for myself once I take the nclex next month. let me know if you have any advice. once again congrats

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Congratulations and welcome to the first yr in nsg forum! Aren't you on cloud 9?:anpom:


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Specializes in Trauma, MICU. Has 7 years experience. too!!! I also found out today that I passed and start orientation on Monday. Isn't it AWESOME to be finally done with that???

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Congrats!!!! :balloons::balloons::nurse:

Good luck on your new job!!!

Now only two more weeks for me to take my NCLEX.... :icon_roll

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