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Okay. Here's the problem. I'm bored. I have been on my floor since 2002. 5 years as an RN. I am in an MSN program and see myself doing so much more in the future. I go to work and I feel....bored. I'm fed up with the politics. I no longer like the admin on my floor. I'm fed up with some of the people, lying about things...or the new nurses coming out of school thinking they know everything...I guess I was like that too when I got out...I'm just bored. I think I'm ready to move on, but not sure if it's right. I'm ready to jump into an administrative position now. I feel out of place and plataued where I am now. It's like my inner voice is saying, "It's time to move on kiddo...you have gone as far as you can now where you are at.." I don't want to wait until my program is over because that will be in 2 years. I'm going part time and working part time....Ug. Decisions.

Any suggestions?

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You're just ready to move on with your career.... been there myself. What is the focus of your MSN? That should be a great place to start. If it doesn't mesh with your area of interest, you should really think about changing course before you are too far invested in it. Grad school is where a lot of us really find our niche - it should be a time to dig down and really establish your expertise so you will be well-qualified for that great job when you get your MSN.

If you are interested in moving into admin, you should seek out opportunities to become more involved in clinical operations. Things like task forces, committees, etc. will not only provide you with experience, but the exposure to leaders in your own organization. When an opportunity comes open, you want them to think of you! This is also a time to 're-frame' your views of the workplace. Work toward a higher-level awareness.. don't focus just on the tasks at hand, but on the larger processes they represent. For instance, when you're hassled with lack of timely medication availability, dig into the process and try to discover why this is happening... then approach your manager and volunteer to help do something about it.

Best of luck to you in Grad school & with your career.


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find out what you'd like to do (what area of nursing) until you're done w/ your MSN program. Do you have the option to delve into something else while you're in that program? Do you have the time to do that now? Definitely sounds like you need a change of scenery. Why leave bedside nursing and go admin? I would imagine if you're a person who loves bedside nursing, but aren't challenged, you wouldn't be the right fit for an admin position. I would imagine dealing with those challenges are far less.... interesting... than bedside nursing. Just me, maybe, but I'd feel like a cat trapped in a bag if I couldn't stretch my creative nursing wings and run around learning and helping others, not being strapped to a desk.

I remember being on a floor and not feeling challenged, that was when I decided to leave and go to the ER, where most days I learn so much and am continuously challenged. I feel scared some days, glad to know I have physicians who are there who I can pick their brains when I'm unsure.

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Dude, I hate to rain on your parade, but if you are stating that you are sick of the politics, administration is almost ALL politics. I agree with the previous posters that suggest looking into what you REALLY like. Do you like to teach? Do you like research? Do you like to work by yourself or collaboratively with other nurses?

I was in your very predicament when I worked on the floor. I decided to take a rather rogue approach to the dilemma of boredom. I thought about what really frightens me. Hmmm...the OR! So I decided to see WHY this intimidated me so much. Let me tell you, it was total brain candy for me and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I learn something new EVERY single day. I see the weirdest, nastiest and truly confusing things after we cut. I also get a perk that others don't really see...I get to pick the surgeon's brain the entire time! It's like a free education. Surgeons usually love it when nurses ask questions and welcome the time they get to lecture while operating.

I would suggest writing down the things that you THINK are out of your reach. Go big. Think of things that you would love to do. Then write down the things that you are really good at. Compare the two and you should have some idea of what would keep your brain engaged.

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OK this is now your outer voice speaking... Move on! You know the answer, you just laid it out for us. I just went part time for the same reason and feel so much better! Can you work part time and do school full time to speed up your graduation? Good luck!

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I'm bored to.

I've done the RN thing, the admin thing, the theatre coordinator thing, and have worked in hospitals etc for 25 years. I too need a change soon.

Why don't u try agency work? U can pretty much choose where u want to go and work the hours u want. Maybe u could try different areas of nursing.

What sort of admin work r u looking at doing?